This story is so outrageous. The student in question was allegedly targeted by members of the faculty as well as graduate students.

Ziva Dahl writes at the American Spectator:

University Targets Its Own Student for ‘White Supremacy’

Louis Shenker wouldn’t win a popularity contest on any progressive campus. He is Jewish, a conservative, an outspoken Zionist, and a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. Shenker vigorously advocates for his political opinions.

In December 2018, wearing a MAGA cap and carrying a sign supporting President Trump, Louis, a sophomore, attended a UMass Amherst rally organized by radical graduate students to protest racism and white supremacy — and President Trump. A video of the event depicts Louis peacefully attempting to dialogue with hostile students, who mobbed, pushed, and shoved him and blocked him from displaying his sign. They called Louis, grandson of Holocaust victims, a “Nazi” and a “fascist.” Beth Peller, a graduate student who teaches English to undergraduates, snatched his hat (a symbol of white supremacy according to the radical protesters), and screamed, “Get the f**k out of here, you shouldn’t be in an anti-racist march!”

Louis reported the hat-snatching incident to the campus police department, which determined that Louis was the victim of larceny and assault and battery motivated by anti-white and anti-Jewish bias.

The university did nothing to remedy or prevent future interference with Louis’s right to express his views, despite its written commitment to protect his free speech and his right to counter-demonstrate.

Read the whole thing.


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