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Bust of George Washington Toppled at George Washington University

Bust of George Washington Toppled at George Washington University

“A stunning image”

This is just sickening. Remember when the left told us this was all about Confederate statues? They lied.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Stunning image’ shows ‘toppled’ George Washington statue at GWU

A number of crimes have taken place in Washington, D.C. in recent weeks as rioters ravaged the nation’s capital. George Washington University, located in the city, has also had its fair share of violent protests, including the vandalism of a bust of the country’s first president, George Washington.

The GW Hatchet identified six protest-related incidents in late-May and early June. Conservative activist Kara Zupkus took to Twitter to point out how the bust of George Washington on the campus of George Washington University in downtown Washington, D.C. was gone.

“A stunning image– looks like GW may have removed George Washington’s head to protect it from riots in DC. Truly disconcerting times,” Zupkus wrote. It was not clear at that time whether the university had removed the bust for fear it might be vandalized or if rioters had damaged the statue.

In a later tweet, Zupkus provided an “update,” saying “apparently he was toppled.”


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They’ll have to rename the University after someone more palatable.

Possibly the Bobby Seale Marxist University. The State of Washington will be next to need a new name, followed by Washington DC.

This is what happens when things aren’t nipped in the bud!
It needs to stop and be stopped now!
Speak out! Stand up!

healthguyfsu | June 22, 2020 at 5:42 pm

Neville Chamberlain is in charge

SeekingRationalThought | June 22, 2020 at 8:54 pm

I only wish I could stop giving them money again. Sad, that you can waste money annually but can stop giving one time. Perhaps I should just send them a letter every year reminding them that I’m not contributing? Or send a very small check that costs them more to process than its amount?

Dantzig93101 | June 22, 2020 at 9:59 pm

Close the school, permanently. Find the people who vandalized the statue and deal with them appropriately.

I’m so old, I can remember all the way back to when Trump said that statues of Washington and Jefferson could be next and all the pundits and late night talk show hosts ridiculed him for it.