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Purdue University to Reopen Campus in the Fall

Purdue University to Reopen Campus in the Fall

“We have every intention of being on campus this fall”

Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has been an extremely effective leader for this school.

The Federalist reports:

Why Mitch Daniels’ Determination To Reopen Purdue University This Fall Is A Brilliant Business Move

While other education leaders are waiting for politicians to release their students from the lockdowns suspending their futures, former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, now head of Purdue University, is making plans to reopen his campus for fall.

“We have every intention of being on campus this fall,” he told the faculty senate on April 20, according to USA Today. “We are sober about the challenges that will bring. We believe in the value of the on-campus experience, and we’re determined, if we’re permitted to do so by the public authorities and medical circumstances. If at all possible, we intend to be open and operating.”

Daniels was appointed president of the highly ranked public research university in 2012 after a cost-cutting, no-nonsense governorship that sparked fruitless attempts to get him to run for president. As president of the Indiana university, he has frozen tuition, deployed innovative online programs, and increased enrollment by about 6,000 students to nearly 45,000. During that timeframe, college enrollment nationwide declined 11 percent.

On April 21, Daniels issued a public letter detailing the university’s initial plans for reopening campus after Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb in March banned in-person education due to coronavirus fright.

“Closing down our entire society, including our university, was a correct and necessary step,” Daniels wrote, diplomatically. “It has had invaluable results. But like any action so drastic, it has come at extraordinary costs, as much human as economic, and at some point, clearly before next fall, those will begin to vastly outweigh the benefits of its continuance.”


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 5, 2020 at 1:02 am

Then they can fully cooperate with this.

Congress Launches Investigation Into Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Colleges

1957 Asian Flu: 116,000 US deaths out of 172 million people.

1968 Hong Kong Flu: 100,000 deaths out of 201 million people

2019 H2N3 Flu: 80,000 US deaths out of 330 million people.

No panic, No shutdowns. No one even remembers those pandemics.

2020 COVID: 65,000 US deaths (or is it 37,000, CDC gives both numbers) out of 330 million people.

World-wide panic. Near total shutdown everywhere. Great Depression II

Wendy’s can’t find hamburger, so hamburgers are off the menu. Kroger has implemented meat rationing.