It’s amazing that this nonsense is still being embraced as many colleges are struggling with financial disaster.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Poll: 78 Percent of College Students Want to Restrict ‘Threatening’ Ideas

More than three-in-four college students want “safe spaces” on their campuses that are free of “threatening actions, ideas, or conversations,” even as a majority support President Trump’s threat to withhold taxpayer dollars from universities that restrict speech, according to a new poll.

While 97 percent of college students believe that free speech is an essential pillar of American democracy, a significant majority of students also support policies to restrict specific types of speech on campus. The poll, conducted by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, found that 78 percent of students support “safe spaces” where threatening ideas and conversations would be barred. More than 80 percent favor the establishment of a “free-speech zone” where preapproved protests and the distribution of literature are permitted.

In response to growing concerns about academic freedom on campuses, the Trump administration ordered all federally funded universities to protect free speech on campus. University administrators denounced the move, with the president of Columbia University calling it a “transparent exercise in politics.” Most students support the Trump administration’s decision, however, with 58 percent of pupils supporting a ban on federal funding for colleges that do not protect free-speech rights.


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