Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi never lets a crisis go to waste to grab more power even as people suffer from the lockdown due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

On MSNBC, Pelosi made it known that she views “everything as an opportunity.” She also made it known she doesn’t care about working with Republicans because it’s important for the Democrats to present their relief bill “without too much conversation.”

I had no idea that the Founding Fathers said that the Constitution and Congressional rules go out the window in the case of a virus pandemic.

While Pelosi tried to make it seem like the American people are her focus she let it slip that it’s all about crushing the Republicans.

After all, if you keep Americans on the government payroll they’ll remain reliant on you.

She first said: “I think when they see what we are doing and it will be big because the problem is big and the needs of the American people are big. That it will be more attention paid to what the Republicans are saying or doing and then a judgment can be made. But I’m optimistic, always. I see everything as an opportunity. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.”

Then she followed up: “It’s important for us to put forth our bill now without too much conversation.”

We all know Pelosi is hungry for more power. Just last week she said she wanted a federal standard to reopen the country because God forbid you trust the states. You know, the American people and those in charge of said states who actually understand what the people of those states need and want:

“I do think there should be federal standards, and I think that they should set an example,” Pelosi told a small group of masked reporters in the Capitol.

A number of states around the country have begun to scale back the social distancing requirements they’d adopted in response to the pandemic, allowing certain businesses — places like restaurants and beauty salons — to reopen on a limited-capacity basis.

But Pelosi cautioned against that state-by-state patchwork, noting that lines on a map are no barrier to the highly contagious virus.

“Everything should be based on science, and not the state or local — whatever it is,” she said. “And if you’re going to have a standard, you really have to have a federal standard. Because as we know, viruses know no borders, nationally, but they certainly don’t know any state borders.”

So I guess the states are reopening just to reopen? None of them have taken science into consideration. This woman touts science yet has no problem approving of butchering a live unborn human being. But I digress.

Again, never waste an opportunity!


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