You might say this professor has declared war on the word “war.”

The College Fix reports:

Incoming Auburn U. prof won’t say school chant because it contains the word ‘war’

A recently hired Auburn University professor took to social media this week to let everyone know he would not say the school’s “battle cry” of “War Eagle” … because it contains the word “war.”

Jesse Goldberg will be joining the Alabama institution this coming academic year as a “lecturer of African American & American Literature and Composition in the English department,” according to Yellowhammer.

On his now-protected Twitter account, Goldberg wrote “I know it’s just a mascot but I’m never gonna be able to call myself a ‘war eagle’ or say ‘go war eagles.’ Sorry.

“I can’t bring myself to enthusiastically and sincerely use a slogan/greeting/cultural signal with ‘war’ as a primary descriptor. Yeah I know I’m being a party pooper but it’s the kind of language thing that sticks with me.”

Goldberg might have done a little research into his new employer; according to Auburn’s website, “War Eagle” is not a mascot. As noted, it’s the school’s chant/battle cry.


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