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Harvard Reportedly Won’t Clarify Policy Forbidding Use of ‘Racial Stereotypes’

Harvard Reportedly Won’t Clarify Policy Forbidding Use of ‘Racial Stereotypes’

“Harvard’s Student Affairs office and its media relations office did not respond to multiple emails and phone calls over two weeks”

If you used a racial stereotype that people at Harvard don’t like, you’d probably get clarification pretty quickly.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard forbids ‘racial stereotypes,’ but won’t say what that means

Harvard University’s student code of conduct specifically forbids students from “using racial stereotypes,” but the school won’t clarify what exactly that provision means in spite of repeated queries.

Harvard has received a “code red” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a campus watchdog group. FIRE is a nonpartisan nonprofit with a stated mission to “defend and sustain the individual rights of students and faculty members at America’s colleges and universities.”

The policy that received the red light states that Harvard “defines racial harassment as actions on the part of an individual or group that demean or abuse another individual or group because of racial or ethnic background. Such actions may include, but are not restricted to, using racial epithets, making racially derogatory remarks, and using racial stereotypes.”

A red light from FIRE means the organization has determined the university “has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.”

“A ‘clear’ restriction is one that unambiguously infringes on what is or should be protected expression. In other words, the threat to free speech at a red light institution is obvious on the face of the policy and does not depend on how the policy is applied,” the group states.

School refuses to clarify what policy actually means

The College Fix reached out to Harvard repeatedly through several channels to learn more about the rule, including how the school defines a “racial stereotype” and if, and how, the policy is ever actually enforced.

Both Harvard’s Student Affairs office and its media relations office did not respond to multiple emails and phone calls over two weeks. Finally, a representative from their media relations office promised to send The Fix an email explaining the policy. That email never followed.


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Harvard has become a far left sewer. It has been running on line segments of its alumni magazine with supposed opportunities for readers to comment. One recent example was a gushingly admiring report on a Harvard professor leading openly identified as a radical
attack upon St. Louis, MO supposed racist policies. My comment was “Another red Harvard
professor–what a surprise.” That comment was refused listing, In short, Harvard’s idea of freedom of expression is only what flatters its hate-America agenda.

It means that no one at Harvard is allowed to mention that blacks in America commit just about every kind of crime against people and property at about twice the rate that Hispanics do, five times the rate that whites do and ten times the rate that Asians do.

This simple fact can be looked up in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Statistics, and pre-Obama it could be confirmed by crime victimization reports to not be a product of a higher arrest rate for black criminals (Obama stopped the victim reports for this reason).

All of which points to the real and glaring racial disparity that is so harmful to blacks in America: that our system of locally funded law enforcement leaves our on average much poorer black neighborhoods terribly under-policed.

Just do what Giuliani said pre-election that Trump was going to do: allocate law enforcement by crime rate. Before long blacks areas will have the same crime rates as other areas.

A lot of black criminals will be in jail but blacks not in jail will no longer have on average much higher criminal tendencies than unincarcerated people of other races.

The “stereotype” will be gone. What maintains it now is pretending that the reason for high black arrest rates is racial bias by the police. (See Heather MacDonald’s documentation that the relative rate at which blacks are arrested is actually well below the relative rate at which the victimization surveys show they are committing crimes — no wonder Obama waged jihad against this data.)

The anti-truth racial accusers strive, often with great success, to reduce policing of black criminality. That reduced policing maintains the criminality that is behind the stereotype they pretend to abhor. In fact they are practicing the central strategy laid out by the leading American communist of the 20th century, Saul Alinsky, mentor to both Hillary and Barack.

The Alinsky strategy was not to solve racial disparities but to foment and, with the help of fellow travelers in the press, exploit them for political power. His great insight was that if the left controls the press then it only needs to be able to create problems in order to win.

Control of the press will always allow communists to assign blame to its enemies, so just make as big a mess as possible at every turn and eventually you will put a Barack and then a Hillary in the White House.

Then along comes a miracle like Trump to bypass their media dominance using only Twitter and public rallies.

Unfortunately Giuliani thought the job was done when Trump got elected and he turned down Trump’s AG offer. Sessions was no match for the deep state and Trump got sucked in by the criminal-sympathetic state of black politics and went for softer law enforcement, so the criminal disparity problem is still headed worse, not better.

That was more than offset by the Trump economy, which was lifting all boats, lifting blacks and whites out of criminality as well as poverty, but now Trump has let himself be duped by a pair of radical leftist Democrat anti-doctors into crashing our economy in a vain hope to put off herd immunity for the couple of years it will take to rush a vaccine, which will not only destroy our economy but in itself is an incredibly dangerous proposition. Inject everybody with a half-tested viral substance?

And they pretend that the proven safe and effective HCQ cure is neither safe nor effective. It is VERY effective and a thousand times safer than a rushed vaccine, which should never even be considered unless we are facing a very high mortality event like an out of control Ebola contagion.

Corona + HCQ is more like an ordinary flu. Stop the shutdowns now.

Considering the fact that Harvard has what may be the most prestigious law school in the nation, one would think they would have some knowledge of The First Amendment to the Constitution. Hmmm…