CNN picked Wuhan coronavirus expert Greta Thunberg to sit on a panel with former President Barack Obama officials for its “Coronavirus – Facts and Fears” townhall.

Thunberg has to be an expert to get on such a panel, right?

No, this is not The Onion or Babylon Bee. At least the panelists have a medical background.

I guess Thunberg became an expert because she donated her $100,000 global activism prize money to the United Nations Children’s Fund?

Maybe it’s because science has shown a reduction in pollution since everyone is staying at home? Yeah, that’s cool, except the lockdown has caused millions to lose their jobs, businesses, and taken a toll on mental health. I bet the divorce rate will hit the roof, too.

But Thunberg isn’t even a climate expert no matter what people say. I doubt she knows enough about economics.


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