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China Throwing in with Democrats for November Elections

China Throwing in with Democrats for November Elections

“China’s state-run media targeted congressional Republicans on Thursday for their outspoken stance against the nation’s government and their condemnation of the country’s nefarious actions concerning the novel coronavirus outbreak.”

In 2016, Democrats used the myth of Russia meddling to explain away their stunning loss. In 2020, there may be some actual attempts at meddling, but it won’t be coming from Russia.

The Chinese Communist Party is not happy about being blamed for the Coronavirus pandemic, and that blame is only coming from Republicans.

Adam Kredo reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Chinese State Media Warn Country Will Interfere in U.S. Election

China is threatening to meddle in the upcoming U.S. presidential election as retribution for a flurry of American lawsuits seeking to hold Beijing accountable for the spread of the coronavirus.

The Communist Party “won’t just strike back symbolically, but will impose countermeasures that will make them feel pain,” according to the Global Times, an outlet controlled by the regime.

The threats come as outrage grows over China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the country and the subsequent global spread of the virus.

China also is threatening to sanction several leading Republican senators, including Tom Cotton (Ark.) and Josh Hawley (Mo.), for their efforts to hold the country responsible.

You may have noticed that the liberal media has repeatedly gone out of its way in recent weeks to defend China from blame. It makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

Nick Givas of FOX News has more on this:

Chinese state media ominously threatens GOP lawmakers, hints at Election Day impact

China’s state-run media targeted congressional Republicans on Thursday for their outspoken stance against the nation’s government and their condemnation of the country’s nefarious actions concerning the novel coronavirus outbreak.

An article posted on the Global Times, which is a branch of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC’s) People’s Daily, said the nation is “extremely dissatisfied with the abuse of litigation” by U.S. leadership, “and is considering punitive countermeasures against U.S. individuals, entities and state officials such as Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt.”

Schmitt, a Republican, provided a statement to Fox News last month after he filed a lawsuit against China on behalf of the state, saying the impact of the virus has led to thousands of Missourians being infected, killed and economically devastated…

The Global Times’ story continually made veiled threats towards U.S. lawmakers by citing analysts who promised that “China won’t just strike back symbolically, but will impose countermeasures that will make them feel the pain.”

It then credited sources as saying: “Republicans who have been groundlessly accusing China and inflaming the ‘holding China accountable’ political farce will face severe consequences.”

Just two weeks ago, Reuters assured us that China had no interest in the 2020 elections:

China says it has no interest in meddling in U.S. election

China has no interest in interfering in the U.S. presidential election, it said on Thursday, after U.S. President Donald Trump said he believed Beijing would try to make him lose his re-election bid in November.

“The U.S. presidential election is an internal affair, we have no interest in interfering in it,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters during a daily briefing.

“We hope the people of the U.S. will not drag China into its election politics.”

In an interview for Reuters on Wednesday Trump said “China will do anything they can to have me lose this race”, adding that he believed Beijing wants his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, to win the election to ease the pressure Trump has placed on China over trade and other issues.

China will play a role in the election, directly or indirectly.


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inspectorudy | May 17, 2020 at 12:14 pm

Since the msm is already in bed with China there will be no coverage of this issue. All liberal outlets such as NPR and print are totally in bed with China and are promoting propaganda for them. To have China say out loud that they will “Interfere” with or 2020 election is akin to declaring war on us. For the Dems and their allies, the msm to help them is treasonous!

    NGAREADER in reply to inspectorudy. | May 17, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    American organized labor and intellectuals and the Democrat party once claimed to support the working class.
    Now they make fun of them and sell them out every chance they get, to anyone that lines their pockets.

N.S. Palmer | May 17, 2020 at 12:32 pm

The irony is that China only wants to defeat America, while our domestic leftists and tyrants want to destroy it.

We can work with China if we “trust but verify.” It’s a lot more difficult to work with people in America who seek our destruction. Federalism would be a solution if we could get them to agree to it, though the record is not encouraging.

    alaskabob in reply to N.S. Palmer. | May 17, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    China wishes to defeat and subjugate the world… turning other countries into vassal states.

    While Reagan used “trust abut verify”, the real intent was to eventually defeat the USSR. Living with communism is akin to living with cancer. The USSR in some regards was a piker compared to the history of the Communist Party in China.

    In the realpolitik world, we have to make sure the US is not strategically compromised by China. The whole world should pounce on China but money and power desolve long term gaols in the face of short term monitary gains.

    We have to be as inscrutable as the Chinese and play better at “The Art of War”.

    Barry in reply to N.S. Palmer. | May 17, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    You cannot work with China. You can sell them products, you can purchase a reciprocal amount of product back. Anything more is simply ceding power and control to the communists.

    And never, never ever trust government officials to do the right thing. That should be clear by now.

I’m looking forward to the many speeches from patriotic Democrats taking a firm stance against election interference by China.

Oh wait …

So, this obviously will spark a 3 year long investigation into collusion for all the Democrats who run for this election. Right?

Even though the claim was false against President Trump, and later information showed that Putin preferred Hillary to win (as she was already bought and paid for), which most with a thinking brain had believed from early on.

I’m glad the leftists will get their time destroyed by real investigations into collusion with China. Oh, wait… the left never seem to get treated the way any Republican gets treated. My bad…

The Friendly Grizzly | May 17, 2020 at 1:28 pm

I really can’t see much we, the people can do, except this: if you see Made in China on the label, put whatever it is back on the shelf. This is everything from virtually all canned mandarin oranges to Buick Envision automobiles.

With virtually all of our politicians bought and paid for, I see no other solution.

    It would have been a whole lot easier if we hadn’t given the missile staging technology and beaucoups bucks to make breakthrough R&D,

    Chinese production comprises maybe 95% of our consumer electronics, 80% of industrial electronics, a ridiculous percentage of military electronics, virtually 100% of musical instruments (everything from kazoos to pianos, even those from nominally Japanese companies), close to 100% of replacement car parts (batteries, hoses, tires, belts, mufflers, body panels, and most of the stuff with an American, European, or Japanese name on it), about 60% of shoes, a high (but unknown in detail) percentage of gun parts, maybe 50% of printed books . . . just for starters.

    We’d have to reduce outselves to not much more than flint knives and bearskins it we try (at the consumer level) to expunge Chinese manfacture. Something a bit more clever will be needed . . . which means it probably won’t happen. Huge import duties might help, but just imagine the hooting and hollering if the President announces any such thing.

Apparently a satirical interjection in Mandarin trips the spam detector.

Democrats kept digging the hole deeper. They dug all the way to China.

When China tried meddling in Taiwan’s elections, it got Tsai Ing-wen’s Greens (the anti-reunification people) in by a mile.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 17, 2020 at 3:55 pm

Didn’t Chi-na also interfere in 2016…. and 2012….and 2008???????

Frank Hammond | May 17, 2020 at 5:41 pm

For those not from Illinois, the Chinese already own Governor Prtizker [Fred Flintstone] The Pritzker family owns the Hyatt Hotel Chain, the largest International Hotel Chain in China. Including a large Hotel in Wuhan! Hyatt recently signed a deal to build 60 additional Hotels across Red China in the next 4 years.

The Pritzkers also own LBP Manufacturing, a massive packaging operation in China that packages – PPE! So all of the masks and gloves shipped in from Shanghai are packaged by the Putzker Family. The Red Chinese own Governor Putzker.

When treason goes unpunished en mass, it spreads en mass.

We have an epidemic of treason in our country. The punishment has to start.

Begin with clinton and obama. Then get to kerry. Then pelosi.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 17, 2020 at 10:35 pm

James Woods

Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive and raw. But he loves America more than any President in my lifetime. He is the last firewall between us and this cesspool called Washington. I’ll take him any day over any of these bums. #Trump2020