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Branco Cartoon – #Obamagate

Branco Cartoon – #Obamagate


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I see there are boxes stacked underneath. Would love to have those labels available, as we know there are more “smidgens”.

Nice — and, let’s all recall how the sainted Obama quashed an active DEA investigation/operation aimed at stopping Iranian terror proxy Hezb’allah’s multi-billion-dollar U.S. dope-peddling operation, as reported (and, then, predictably ignored by the MSM) by that intrepid Politico reporter, who was subsequently viciously attacked by the vile Obama lackey-sycophants, for daring to publish a report of brazen illegality and callousness by St. Obama — facilitating U.S. drug addiction and a terror’s group’s dope ambitions, all so he could play vanity-driven footsie with Iran’s despots.

Yes, your basic understanding of “the rule of law” is indeed at risk.

The rule of law is a necessary foundation for any sort of decent society, and you’d think it’s a simple concept to understand. But apparently it isn’t, since so many people use that term for concepts that are the exact opposite of the rule of law.

The rule of law means that the law is fixed and the same for everybody, it is conceived of as having an objective existence, and judges try their best to apply it impartially no matter who the parties are, what the issue is, or what their own opinions may be. The opposite is known as the rule of men, where the law is whatever those in charge say it is from time to time, and they apply it as they see fit.

I’m not quite sure what 0bama’s understanding of the term is, nor do I much care except as an academic exercise, but one of the deepest problems in Israel, that is an underlying cause of many of its problems, is that the public, news media, commentariat, and politicians, have all been brainwashed with a concept that they call “the rule of law” (שלטון החוק) but what they mean by it is “the rule of the courts”. In plain English that is the rule of men, which is exactly what the rule of law is supposed to supplant.

Here’s the latest example. Avichai Mandelblit, a career civil servant, has for years been undermining his country.

(For some reason I cannot comprehend, the English press insist on translating his title as “Attorney General”, but it’s a wrong translation. A literal translation is “Legal Advisor to the Government”, and the English equivalent is somewhere between Solicitor General and Director of Public Prosecutions. He is not a political appointee, let alone a politician himself; he is a career civil servant whom the government cannot fire, and whose legal advice the government must accept and act on whether it likes it or not, making him effectively a dictator. When his predecessor retired the government was given a short list of three civil servants, all from the same leftist clique, and it chose him.)

And Twitter has officially manually removed the #ObamaGate hashtag from trending.

Revoke their protections now.

Like all his scandals, he knew nothing and read about this one in the newspaper.

Nice touch, intended or otherwise.