Harvard did the same thing a week or two ago. More schools will follow.

Yale Daily News reports:

Yale College adopts universal pass/fail grading policy

Yale College will adopt a universal pass/fail policy for this semester’s grades, according to a Tuesday morning announcement from Yale College Dean Marvin Chun.

The news comes after weeks of polarizing debate that swept through the University and its peer schools, as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to alter traditional higher education plans. Chun’s email follows a second faculty member poll that showed 55 percent support for the mandatory grading system and 40 percent in favor of the optional Credit/D/Fail policy Yale implemented last month. Those survey results deviated from the first poll, in which only around 28 percent of respondents voted in favor of a proposed universal grading system.

The changes mean that the College will forgo letter grades and, instead, students will receive a “pass” or “fail” on their transcripts. According to the Committee on Teaching and Learning report — circulated among faculty members before the second vote — students who complete “outstanding” work may receive narrative commendations from faculty. These commendations will not appear on students’ transcripts, the report states.

“With majorities of faculty and students supporting the universal pass/fail policy, this decision is final,” Chun wrote in his announcement. “I will no longer consider appeals, and I will now focus on implementing the policy.”


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