I use the Grammarly plugin extension on Chrome. I use it to edit pieces on here along with grammar on other sites.

I edited my piece “MSM Can No Longer Ignore Theory That Wuhan Coronavirus Spread From a Chinese Lab Accident” and Grammarly told me not to use Wuhan coronavirus because it “can encourage bias and misinformation.”

Yeah, I kept it as Wuhan coronavirus. This is also the first time Grammarly has done this to me.

Thing is I would not mind using COVID-19 if the Chinese government (and Iran) did not launch a propaganda campaign to deflect blame elsewhere for the virus.

A few media outlets, including Vice, have countered the propaganda campaign. Author David Gilbert pointed out that China hid the disease for months until it could not deny the virus ravaged communities.

Off-topic: I swear I had Wuhan coronavirus at the end of December and early January. The doctor said my flu test came back positive for Flu B, but when I looked online, the test results said negative for Flu A and Flu B. I’ve had the flu before, but nothing like this. I’ve told some people about it, but I’m about to get as specific as I can. I couldn’t move, my body ached to the point I cried myself to sleep, the fever wouldn’t go down, had to be woken up to eat or drink. I was crawling to the bathroom and shower to use them. I took the coldest showers to help bring down my temp. I opened the windows to let freezing air in to cool me down. I will never complain about another illness. It’s not hyperbole when I tell you it makes you feel like death. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Facts do not care about your feelings. The truth is the virus began in Wuhan, China. Did it start naturally or carelessness in a lab? It does not matter. It started in Wuhan.

If we find out the coronavirus spread naturally, then maybe I will drop Wuhan. This information would have to come from an independent source because I do not believe anything from the Communist regime in charge of China.

Professor Jacobson covered this topic only a few days ago: “If you claim that calling it ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ is racist, you are part of the cover-up.” He wrote:

So if you claim that calling it Wuhan coronavirus is racist, you are part of the cover-up. Speaking the truth is not the problem, covering up the truth is the problem.

Two things are true at the same time: The Chinese government did this, and Chinese/Asians are not collectively responsible for the Chinese government’s crime against the world and must not be harassed or otherwise discriminated against.

I’ll edit this piece and see if Grammarly suggests changes to these:

  • Spanish Flu
  • Lyme Disease (First found in Lyme, CT)
  • West Nile Virus
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Nope. No suggestions for those diseases, but Grammarly once again told me to change Wuhan coronavirus to COVID-19. I marked the suggestion as “incorrect suggestion.”


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