While the nation has been focused on the Coronavirus crisis, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and his Democrat-controlled legislature, have been hard at work passing new laws.

Northam has signed numerous bills into law on everything from abortion to gun control. Virginia as we knew it is gone.

Susan Jones reports at CNS News:

Virginia Is Reborn As a Leftist Enclave, Following Governor’s Easter Weekend Bill-Signing

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a slew of bills into law on Easter weekend, transitioning the Commonwealth into the liberal bastion that Democrats want it to be.

On Sunday, Northam signed legislation expanding early voting to 45 days before an election without a stated excuse; repealing the state’s voter ID law; and making Election Day a holiday.

To maintain the same number of state holidays, lawmakers repealed the Lee-Jackson Day holiday, established over 100 years ago to honor Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

“Voting is a fundamental right, and these new laws strengthen our democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder,” Northam said in a news release. “No matter who you are or where you live in Virginia, your voice deserves to be heard. I’m proud to sign these bills into law.”

Other bills addressed criminal justice:

The felony larceny threshold is now increased from $500 to $1,000.

Other bills permanently eliminate driver’s license suspensions for unpaid fines, fees, and court costs; raise the age of juvenile transfer to adult court from 14 to 16; and change certain parole conditions.

And social justice:

The new laws repeals “racist and discriminatory language from Virginia’s Acts of Assembly,” give localities the ability to remove or alter Confederate monuments in their communities, and begin the process of replacing Virginia’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the United States Capitol.

“Racial discrimination is rooted in many of the choices we have made about who and what to honor, and in many of the laws that have historically governed this Commonwealth,” said Governor Northam.

Here are the details on gun control, via Northam’s website:

Governor Northam Signs Historic Gun Safety Legislation into Law

Governor Ralph Northam today announced he has signed several landmark gun violence prevention measures into law, including legislation to enact an Extreme Risk Protective Order, require background checks on all gun sales, mandate reporting of lost and stolen firearms, prevent children from accessing firearms, and reinstate Virginia’s successful one-handgun-a-month policy.

“We lose too many Virginians to gun violence, and it is past time we took bold, meaningful action to make our communities safer,” said Governor Northam. “I was proud to work with legislators and advocates on these measures, and I am proud to sign them into law. These commonsense laws will save lives.”

Tucker Carlson talked about this on his show last night. He now refers to Northam as Governor Klanrobes Blackface:

Now we know why the media didn’t drive Northam from office over his racial controversy. They knew that with full control of Virginia, Democrats would take full advantage, and boy did they.

Featured image via FOX News video.


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