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Prof: White Males Biggest Risk in Spreading Virus

Prof: White Males Biggest Risk in Spreading Virus

“Covid-19 has found an ally in its pursuit of infecting as many people as possible in the shortest space of time”

Richard Stokoe is a lecturer at the University of South Wales.

He writes at the Huffington Post:

The White Male Is The Biggest Risk In Spreading The Virus

Covid-19 has found an ally in its pursuit of infecting as many people as possible in the shortest space of time — the older white man.

Boris Johnson and his dad, Mike ‘Sports Direct’ Ashley, Matt Hancock, Neil and Stephen Kinnock, Tim ‘Wetherspoons’ Martin, Donald Trump, Michael ‘Ryanair’ O’Leary and Robert ‘I drove to visit my parents’ Jenrick. High-profile individuals that at first glance have very little in common. Yet they have all shown public disregard for either the virility of the virus or the advice to stay at home, self-isolate and socially distance.

They are not alone. A recent UK wide poll by JL Partners found that around 3.6 million people are still ignoring social distancing advice, 2.6 million aren’t washing their hands and 3.1 million people are still content to hug or shake hands…

Not all older white men expose themselves to greater unnecessary risk by failing to trust or act on warnings, and not all women or young people will play ball either. We all remember ‘Chris’, the infamous BBC Radio Solent caller who proclaimed she was happy to risk walking on the beach in return for her life. But a far higher proportion of older white men will expose themselves to risk than any other group, including millennials.

Research repeatedly demonstrates that white men, especially older ones, consistently ignore warnings.

HT to The College Fix.


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Why is it that these pseudo-academics keep putting out their racist and sexist diatribes, and no one seems to object?

    Because there’s money in cultural Marxists/leftist “research” these days.
    “Research” which does nothing positive, but is meant to tear down Western founding and mores.

This kind of drivel is calculated to do well in the HuffPo market. Think of it as a marketing piece. “I’m really woke! Hire me for diversity positions and speaking engagements!”

Not even the author believes it. It’s just the way the game is played.

The reason Blacks are suffering from coronavirus more than others is that younger Blacks are largely irresponsible and pass the disease on to their vulnerable parents and grandparents. Just consider that a huge percentage of young blacks are involved in criminal activities and if their willing to break the law the social distancing protocol has no chance.

    SuddenlyHappyToBeHere in reply to ConradCA. | April 20, 2020 at 10:37 am

    As stupid a comment as you could possibly make. Just racist white supremacy boiling up inside you.

    SuddenlyHappyToBeHere in reply to ConradCA. | April 20, 2020 at 10:39 am

    Oh, you need to go back to school. It is “they’re” not “their” in your last sentence.

    Massinsanity in reply to ConradCA. | April 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    It is far more likely due to living in more densely populated areas and possibly because of vitamin D deficiency related to higher levels of melanin although that needs more study.

George_Kaplan | April 19, 2020 at 8:27 pm

Presumably this pseudoacademic has overlooked the 100,000 Brown Muslims in Bangladesh that packed together for the funeral of an Islamic leader despite a lockdown.

Or perhaps it’s simply a case of deliberately restricting observations to White nations?

But even if that’s true then why is it that the 20-29 female bracket is the most diseased, not old white men?

So many unanswered questions! Surely the good professor isn’t just being racist and sexist to win his audience’s approval?

This type of “research” wakes up the “woke” news sites while meaningful research from MIT gets ignored or ridiculed.

Or, it might be that white conservative males see the benefit of herd immunity to counter the additional spikes down the road. I ♡ herd immunity would be on a button that I would wear if it could find it. The course of action that was taken was the worst possible choice. And it was deliberately done by .Gov to enhance their power and erode our rights.

One of the google suggestions this AM on my tablet was a cnn story suggesting that all grocery stores be closed because (their claim) a couple of dozen grocery workers have died of covid. By that logic, there should be no convenience stores based on the number of employees who get shot each year.

This really is test to see if those with common sense can overcome the pandering to the sheep mentality in our culture.

This AM I sent a lengthy email to a long time internet TV show buddy who lives in Prague. In his email to me, he wondered why Trump was trying to start a civil war and hoped that bad things came to him. Using facts, including specific numbers, I pointed out how Trump was the sane one and that the covid crisis was being driven by blue state governors who were trying to take down Trump by destroying the economy and using it as a justification for their versions of martial law. I used our current covid death rate of less than 2 in 100,000 vs the annual death rate if 1300 per 100,000 as a “this is a problem, why?” proposition.

This reminds me of an old George Gobel joke. He was a fighter instructor in Tulsa in WWII, and because of him, no Jap plane got past the Mississippi. I am sure the left will use a version of this to describe their heroics during the covid crisis.

I think maybe you’re reading too much into this?

For the days when (white) feminists could bark about the evils of men are over, because intersectionality. Because not all men are white men, and intersectionality does not permit a white lecturer to criticize a category of persons (all men) that includes persons of color.

Therefore, when you hear “white male” you should probably just translate that into “male” because, really, that’s what they mean. It’s just that they feel the need to self-protect by adding the “white” modifier.

Because, what Mr Lecturer seems to be talking about here is just that men (in the aggregate) tend to have a significantly higher risk tolerance than women. And it’s not just white men or contemporary men or American men or Trump-voting men but that men of all cultures in all places at all times have had this trait.

Although it may not be entirely fair to blame men for that, for (as risk-taking is unlikely to improve one’s life expectancy) the Darwinian driver must be sexual selection. And who’s doing the selecting? So, maybe it really is women’s fault after all.

So, perhaps Nature and Nature’s God don’t much favor timid, conformist, ultra-PC, male-feminist college lecturers? (Sorry, Charlie.)

In any case, it’s it’s not as if a willingness to take risks doesn’t have substantial social utility as well as some social costs (such as possibly a greater tendency to spread this nasty virus.

texansamurai | April 21, 2020 at 9:49 am

rather than ” older white men ” should be ” older men “–with the emphasis on ” men “–not soyboys or pseudo academics(be they welsh or otherwise)

maturity/awareness doesn’t arrive at a particular year in any man’s life–different for all of us–have known those in their twenties that, due to their experience, possess the maturity/judgment of middle-aged men–have also known considerably more that, though middle-aged, possess the maturity/judgment of a kid–at least the former group are able to recognize all this ” wuhan virus nonsense ” for what it is–the latter continue on , oblivious to reality, concerned only with themselves

suspect this welsh ” academic ” is definitely in the latter group