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Miami University of Ohio Closing Campus Confucius Institute

Miami University of Ohio Closing Campus Confucius Institute

“Amid increased concerns over Chinese money in American universities”

Confucius Institutes have been repeatedly accused of pushing propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party. Tom Cotton and other Republicans have been sounding the alarm about this for a few years.

Campus Reform reports:

University changes tone, shutters Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institute

Miami University in Ohio has announced that it will close its Chinese government-funded Confucius Institute in June.

Amid increased concerns over Chinese money in American universities, Miami University’s decision was particularly sudden, citing funding concerns. With the exception of senior staff, most of the Institute’s staffers are paid by the Chinese government, according to the Miami Student.

“I am very happy to see that Miami has made this move,” Miami University College Republicans Vice Chairman Collin Finn told Campus Reform.

“Our university’s administration has worked diligently to align our institution with state and national priorities, and this move exemplifies that commitment to being an asset to the public. The Miami University College Republicans have had a great relationship with [Miami University] President [Gregory] Crawford and other university officials. We aren’t surprised that Miami did the right thing here, because our administration is always taking action for the betterment of the student body and the community.”

Miami Assistant Provost of Global Initiatives Cheryl Young defended the Confucius Institute in an interview with Cincinnati Public Radio last year, saying “I can’t speak to the experience of other Confucius Institutes but our experience here is we have autonomy. It is a partnership with our partner university and it is a two-sided arrangement.”


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Patrick Bateman | April 15, 2020 at 2:28 pm


China is not our friend, and they are continuing to use the Wuhan Flu epidemic to extend their influence:

China still denies that any of their military have caught the Chinese coronavirus, and their military is ready to occupy the vacuum created by the incapacitated US aircraft carriers:

It is important that we not accept China’s “Covid-19” name for the pandemic that they started. What the MSM is not telling us is that China continues to blame the pandemic on the US:

The Chinese want people to believe that the Wuhan coronavirus was created at Ft. Detrich by the US Army, and released in Wuhan.

In learning about China, do not believe what the MSM tells you. I don’t know if they are under the influence of Chinese owners, but they don’t tell you what the Chinese government is actually telling their people. You have to go to the Chinese sources themselves, such as,, and (run by Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba).

Finally a rational university, thank you.

Missed this, Mike. Gladd I went back and saw it.

It’s good news that some are waking up. I hope many more follow.

“It is a partnership with our partner university and it is a two-sided arrangement.”

This is precisely the reason they’re getting kicked out. Thank you, Ms. Young.