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In Midst of Crisis While Paying Student Refunds, University Hires Diversity Administrator

In Midst of Crisis While Paying Student Refunds, University Hires Diversity Administrator

“She will earn $140,000 annually”

Some institutions deserve to fail. It is astounding that Salisbury University would hire a diversity administrator at this time.

The College Fix reports:

University, in midst of COVID refunds and plans for student fee hike, hires chief diversity officer

As Salisbury University leaders hash out sending students refunds after closing the campus in March in response to the COVID-19 crisis, they were still able to complete the hiring of the school’s new associate vice president for diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer.

It was announced this month that Joan Williams was hired to lead the newly re-formed Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Maryland-based public university. She will earn $140,000 annually, campus spokesman Jason Rhodes told The College Fix.

Salisbury University saw an overall budget increase in fiscal year 2020, but a percentage of discretionary funding from offices and departments was redirected to other prioritized areas, such as financial aid for students, cost of living increases for auxiliary employees, and facilities maintenance, Rhodes said via email.

The student newspaper The Flyer reported in October that the budget redirecting meant “many departments have faced blind budget cuts, forcing the cutback on hours and amenities.” Earlier this month, The Flyer reported that the administration announced enrollment fees will be increased by $224 next school year.


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How do you judge the diversity of students you can’t see?

The people who care most about “diversity” judge us all by our skin color. But if the classes are held online to promote social distancing, they can’t tell who looks like what!

So how are they going to know who belongs to what “diverse” group then?

There are no words…

Shouldnt they be hiring a “zhe” instead?
Skin tone is but one facet of diversity. People are myopic AND bigoted, if that is the only criteria for diversity.

Virtue signaling is very expensive. But even greater damage results when these “diversity” czars begin enforcing their racist and sexist quotas and other policies.

This reminds me of the media: we’re going to keep moving far-left even if it destroys us.

Diversity is the opposite of University.
But Diversity is an essential service. Students must be educated in that. Not proper english, math, etc.

If they don’t have better “discretion” during a global pandemic, perhaps we shouldn’t allow administrators to have access to those “discretionary funds” to begin with.