The only thing about which I am highly confident regarding this story is that we may never know what really happened, unless someone (Israel?) decides to leak details through trusted reporters.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

After a Hezbollah commander in charge of pursuing spies and collaborators was found killed in southern Lebanon over the weekend, Lebanese and Iranian media began reporting that the Mossad “and its mercenaries” were suspects in the assassination.
Hezbollah commander Ali Mohammed Younis was killed by unknown assassins in southern Lebanon on Saturday.

The Hezbollah commander was “responsible for pursuing spies and collaborators,” according to unofficial statements, the Iranian Fars news agency reported. The Fars report included an image of a body lying next to an open vehicle.

Hezbollah sources said Younis was found stabbed to death in his vehicle, Lebanese MTV news reported. He was found south of Nabatiya, Sputnik news reported.

But it’s all really murky, as the Post notes:

Al-Quds Al-Araby reported that the statement issued by Hezbollah mourning Younis indicated that his death was connected to his work, adding that the death may have also been due to differences between Younis and another group over financial issues.

The Janoubia news website reported that Younis had been working for a while on a “sensitive file.” Sources told the website that Younis was on a mission pursuing a target when he was ambushed by three vehicles and killed….

Younis was a “close associate” of former IGRC Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani, Sputnik reported.

Preliminary information indicates that a professional party carried out the assassination, the sources told Janoubia. “The information provided by Hezbollah suggests that the assassination of Younis was carried out by the Israeli Mossad and its agents,” reported Janoubia. Fars and Al-Quds Al-Araby quoted Janoubia’s claims in their reports on the incident as well.


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