Why was there such a harsh reaction to this? Isn’t this the chosen field of these students?

The College Fix reports:

Harvard Medical School blasted for asking students to volunteer for COVID-19 effort

Harvard Medical School recently took heat regarding an email it had sent asking fourth-year students to volunteer at a local hospital to help in the coronavirus fight.

The message was written in conjunction with Partners HealthCare.

One of the main sticking points was the email pointing out that assisting at Boston Hope medical center could serve as an “ultimate capstone” before students started their internships.

According to The Crimson, critics expressed their displeasure via social media.

Recent Harvard Medical graduate Michael McClurkin said that phrase would make students “feel compelled to volunteer for fear of missing out on an opportunity.” He added that, in this instance, the experience could be “traumatic rather than educational.”

Rush University Medical Center (Chicago) resident Mudit Chowdhary went further on Twitter, claiming the email was “emotional blackmail” which “encourag[ed] impressionable medical students to work for free.” He told The Crimson the email’s phrasing “made it seem like this is just like a happy go lucky, ‘let’s go do it’ type of interaction.”

Chowdhary added: “It’s a real risk to your life, and a job that gives a real risk to your life should not be volunteered for. It should be paid.”


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