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Columbia University Students Demand School Adopt ‘All A’s Policy’

Columbia University Students Demand School Adopt ‘All A’s Policy’

“A petition that has now amassed more than 1500 signatures”

The argument here is that a pass/fail policy isn’t good enough.

Campus Reform reports:

Ivy League students demand everybody get an ‘A’

While many students across the country have successfully convinced their schools to move to pass/fail grading policies in light of coronavirus stressors, some students at Columbia University claim such a change is simply not enough.

A coalition of Columbia students is demanding that the university improves its grading system by adopting an “All A’s Policy” instead, citing concerns over the basic impact of a mandatory pass/fail policy on fellow students who may be depending on high GPAs this semester.

Last month, Dean of Students James Valentini announced that the entire student body would be subject to pass/fail grading this semester rather than traditional letter grades.

“Columbia strongly feels that the academic community would best be served if all courses are evaluated on a pass/fail basis, with no exceptions,” wrote Valentini.

A petition that has now amassed more than 1500 signatures calls on the university to “take this policy a step further by implementing an ‘All-A’ policy.”

“Although we acknowledge and praise the intent behind the University’s decision to implement mandatory Pass/Fail, we do not believe that this policy is as equitable, forward-thinking, or all-encompassing as an ‘All-A’ solution,’ reads the petition.


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I read about these KompletelyKrazyKollege stories, and I just shake my head

drednicolson | April 27, 2020 at 4:11 pm

You’re not buying a degree, kids. You’re buying the opportunity to earn one. What you do with that opportunity, whether capitalize or squander, is on you.

At least, that’s how it worked back in the ancient history of 15 years ago when I got mine.

Sounds good. Now they just need to make attendance optional and establish a certificate fee and a diploma fee so that Trayvon degrees will be taken seriously.

Randy in Arizona | April 28, 2020 at 7:56 pm

And to further save money they can print the diplomas on toilet paper.
Which would reflect the value of degrees granted under this scheme!