So many schools have become dependent on their sports programs as a source of revenue.

Campus Reform reports:

College football programs could lose BILLIONS if season is canceled

Colleges could be dealt a major financial blow this fall if the upcoming football season is canceled, potentially adding to an already bleak economic outlook for many of the nation’s top institutions of higher education.

According to an analysis of school financial reports by USA TODAY Sports, at least $4.1 billion in revenue could be lost at public universities in just the Power Five conferences, which include the ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten, and Big 12.

The analysis also shows that, with more than 50 schools in these conferences, the losses could be nearly $80 million per school, with a majority of the losses coming in ticket sales, broadcast rights, and sponsorships.

As noted by USA TODAY, football games also affect the economies of their local communities.

“They’re going to try their damnedest to have a season of 12 games,” Dan Rascher, a sports management professor at the University of San Francisco, told USA TODAY.

College football programs also fund other athletic programs. A canceled season would not only affect football but other sports as well. Some, like Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, say that’s not such a bad thing.


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