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Branco Cartoon – Mail Fraud


By hook or by crook, should be the Dimocrat Party motto.

WHAT THEY MEAN: “We can’t let Trump stop us from stealing this election!”

The Republicans have got to stop being so honest and start using the dirty tricks the Dems have perfected.

Why shouldn’t California Republicans hire ballot harvesters to beg, borrow, or buy blank ballots to fill out and send in, like the Dems have been doing?

Why shouldn’t Republicans collect the mail ballots of dead people and prison inmates to mark and send in? The Dems have been doing that for years. In many places, the Dems would win far fewer elections if they didn’t get the lion’s share of the dead vote.

longlive289s | April 23, 2020 at 5:18 pm

Wait….allowing all legal residents in this country to vote is stealing it? hmmmmmm