Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced that he plans to self-quarantine after discovering he interacted with an attendee at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Officials with the American Conservative Union (ACU), which hosted CPAC, said Saturday the attendee had been exposed before the conference, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed his case.

Cruz said his interaction with that individual “consisted of a brief conversation and a handshake.”

“I’m not experiencing any symptoms, and I feel fine and healthy. Given that the interaction was 10 days ago, that the average incubation period is 5-6 days, that the interaction was for less than a minute, and that I have no current symptoms, the medical authorities have advised me that the odds of transmission from the other individual to me were extremely low,” Cruz said.

Cue the leftists on social media tweeting out comments they think are clever:

US Response goes from containment to mitigation as coronavirus cases hit 31 states

Despite efforts to contain the virus, testing indicates that there are now at least 474 people infected with COVID-19 across at least 31 states. Therefore, the new approach will be to mitigate the impact of the virus across the country.

In interviews across major television networks on Sunday, U.S. officials all-but-admitted that efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, have failed and that the country now needs to move to mitigate the effects of the continuing spread of the disease on the nation’s health and economy.

“We now are seeing community spread and we’re trying to help people understand how to mitigate the impact of disease spread,” U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday.

Dr. Adams’ concerns were echoed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

“There comes a time,” Fauci said in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, “when you have containment which [sic] you’re trying to find out who’s infected and put them in isolation. And if and when that happens — and I hope it’s if and not when — that you get so many people who are infected that the best thing you need to do is what we call mitigation in addition to containment.”

Dr. Fauci reports that 80 Percent of Coronavirus Patients ‘Spontaneously Recover’

NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci told the Senate Subcommittee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions that 80 percent of the 90,000 people who have been infected by COVID-19 get better without any specific intervention. He also stressed the use of a public-private effort to speed the development of treatment options for those who need medical intervention.

“If you look at the now 90,000 people who’ve been infected and the number of deaths that have occurred, about 80 percent of individuals who get infected do really quite well without any specific intervention. Namely, they spontaneously recover,” Fauci said in his opening statement.

“However, about 15 to up to 20 percent of individuals – usually those who are elderly and in risk groups wind up getting serious disease requiring supportive care. That could be oxygen. That could be intensive care. That could be intubation or even more dramatic interventions,” he said.

“So we want desperately to have a therapy for these individuals. There are a number of candidate therapies that literally as I speak to you today are being tested in randomized control trials. One of these is called Remdesivir, which was developed by the Gilead company. It is being tested in a large trial in China, and it is also being tested here in the United States in an NIH-sponsored trial in collaboration with Gilead,” he said.

The number of coronavirus recoveries is steadily increasing

With the media’s emphasis on the deaths, it is essential to note that the number of improvements from COVID-19 infections is rising.

So far, at least 15 people with confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States are said to have made full recoveries. In addition to the Wisconsin patient, six people in California, four people in Nebraska, two people in Illinois, one in Arizona and one in Washington are better.

In South Korea, 47 people were declared-virus free Tuesday, the largest discharge of patients that country has seen in a single day. A total of 88 people in South Korea have recovered so far.

…People with confirmed cases of COVID-19, the illness that results from the new coronavirus infection, are either isolated in the hospital or at home — depending on the severity of their illness — until they no longer test positive for the virus. How long that takes can vary; one individual in Humboldt County, California, was released from isolation nine days after the case was announced; another, in Chicago, was in isolation in the hospital, and then at home, for about a month.


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