Will they still be called women-only programs after this?

The College Fix reports:

Ohio State opens several women-only programs to men after Title IX complaint

Less than three months after the Department of Education confirmed it was investigating Ohio State University for excluding males from several programs, the taxpayer-funded institution has promised to open all but one of them to men or removed sex references.

University of Michigan-Flint economist Mark Perry confirmed to The Columbus Dispatch that he filed the July Title IX complaint that led to the investigation. The newspaper reported that OSU told the department’s Office for Civil Rights last month that it was revising eight of the nine programs at issue in Perry’s complaint.

A university spokesperson told the Dispatch that it is “working to ensure that all of its programming is gender inclusive.”

Perry, who has filed more than 100 such complaints, expanded on his role in provoking the changes in a blog post. His complaint targeted programs including girl- and woman-only engineering and science camps, grants and awards:

It’s unfortunate and disappointing that universities like OSU can shamelessly and brazenly violate federal civil rights law and illegally discriminate on the basis of sex in violation of Title IX for decades and face no consequences when they get caught. There are no apologies, no fines, no penalties, no reparations, and no admissions of guilt even though universities have systematically violated the civil rights of roughly half of the student body, staff, and faculty.


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