Everyone passes, no matter what? No, that’s not how these things work.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard, Yale students demand ‘universal passing’ for online courses because of ‘equity’

Students at Harvard and Yale are demanding a “universal pass” grading system for their online courses in the wake of coronavirus-induced campus evacuations.

A coalition of Yale students recommends students get credit for every class, receiving a “P” (“Pass”) grade instead of traditional letter grades. According to the Yale Daily News, the main reason for the appeal is “equity.”

Student Eileen Huang, a proponent of the new grading system, said many students are too “burdened by sickness, hectic home lives or living thousands of miles away from the University — to devote the same level of attention and focus to their classes as they would” in person.

Huang added the proposal “is just a very fair grading system. People come from different circumstances.”…

Over at Harvard, The Crimson reports although “individual departments” have allowed students to take online courses pass/fail, some students have complained this system is “insufficiently equitable.”

Like Yale’s Huang, Harvard student Benjamin Sorkin said “Given the variety of conditions that students are facing right now at home — whether that’s limited internet access, or having to find a way to make money for the families, or the stress that having another individual in the household brings — it is my belief, […] that there should be a different kind of grading accommodation for students during the semester.”

Some students went further — they only want grades of “A” or “A-minus” to be given for coursework. A group dubbed “Harvard for All” started a petition in favor of this model, called “Double A,” on Wednesday, and quickly got over 500 signatures.


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