The speaker said he would discuss “both sides for and against DACA.”

Campus Reform reports:

Law students storm out of ‘purely legalistic’ DACA discussion

Stanford University law students, upset about a “morally affronting” discussion of the arguments for and against the legality of DACA, staged a walkout of the event in protest.

On Feb. 10, Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins spoke at Stanford Law School, sponsored by Stanford’s Federalist Society chapter. After Hawkins began his speech on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, more than half of those in the room got up and left. The purpose of Hawkins’ speech was to discuss the issues of legalities of repealing DACA.

Hawkins stated that he would be covering and arguing both sides for and against DACA.

In October 2018, Stanford and 18 other universities filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in opposition of the Trump administration’s attempt to repeal DACA. The brief lamented that the end of the program would force recipients to “withdraw to the margins of our society and national economy or return to countries that they have never called home.”

The walk-out from Hawkins’ speech was arranged by the Stanford Latinx Law Students Association (SLLSA) along with various other student groups. SLLSA member Raquel Zepeda wrote in an email to law students that the lecture was an “intellectually cheap and morally affronting topic.” In protest, students held posters that read, “No human being is illegal”, and “Everyone is welcome here.”


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