Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered polls to close due to health concerns over the coronavirus.

DeWine closed down voting late Monday night.

A candidate in Wood County filed a legal challenge against DeWine’s decision. The Ohio Supreme Court denied the legal challenge early Tuesday morning. Four justices participated but did not issue an opinion.

This decision has no impact “a separate court case in which a Franklin County judge ruled Monday night against the state’s attempt to delay the primary.” Judge Richard denied DeWine’s lawsuit to postpone the primary:

“There are too many factors to balance in this uncharted territory to say that we ought to take it away from the Legislature and elected statewide officials, and throw it to a common pleas court judge in Columbus with 12 hours to go before the election,” Frye added.

“The only thing more important than a free and fair election is the health and safety of Ohioans,” DeWine and LaRose said in a joint statement after the decision. “The Ohio Department of Health and the CDC have advised against anyone gathering in groups larger than 50 people, which will occur if the election goes forward.”

DeWine appealed Frye’s decision and failed. He then turned to Health Department Director Amy Acton to use “her authority to close the polls.”

From Fox8:

Health Director Amy Acton declared a health emergency that would prevent the polls from opening out of fear of exposing voters and volunteer poll workers to the virus.

“It was not going to be possible to conduct an election in a way that was going to be safe for Ohioans,” Secretary of State Frank LaRose said.

“We’re going to make sure that we have a fair and free election, and also protect the health and safety of Ohioans,” he continued.

LaRose said the primary will be moved to June 2 and voting by mail will continue until then.


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