Andy Slavitt, the former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid under President Obama, took to the Twitter machine on Thursday night with some very alarming news about a hospital in Michigan.

“A major hospital in the Midwest has reached its limit on ventilators minutes ago. They are handing out forms saying only those ‘with the best chance of survival’ will get care. Others will be getting pain medication,” Slavitt tweeted:

Twitter screen grab

It was retweeted thousands of times.

Nicholas Bagley, a law professor at the University of Michigan, shared a similar message:

Twitter screen grab

NBC News national correspondent and MSNBC News anchor Kasie Hunt shared Bagley’s tweet, saying “It’s happening here, in America. Doctors are having to decide”:

Twitter screen grab

The problem with all of them sharing this information? It wasn’t true, according to the Henry Ford Hospital System in Michigan:

Here’s what the policy, which was not “handed out” to patients nor family members, states:

On top of the fact that the policy isn’t active, the health care system confirmed in a statement that none of their hospitals were at capacity nor were they out of ventilators:

That letter was in preparation for a “worst case scenario,” but has not been enacted as policy, the Detroit-based five-hospital system said in a statement.

The hospital system has not reached capacity at any of its locations, nor has it reached the limit on ventilators at any of its hospitals, said Brenda Craig, vice president of the health system’s integrated communications.

“The letter is part of a larger internal document that unfortunately was shared publicly,” Craig said. “It would only be something used in a worst case scenario, and we are not in one right now at any of our hospitals.”

Imagine being a family member and reading Kasie Hunt’s tweet or some of the others that made this claim, and then finding out later that it wasn’t true?

Bagley deleted his tweet an hour or so after he put it up, and Slavitt deleted his sometime in the middle of the night and posted a multi-tweet thread Friday morning apologizing for what he did.

Along with many others, I inquired to Hunt about the need for her to delete her tweet:

Several hours after she initially put the tweet up without independently verifying the claim, she deleted it:

We can add these tweets to the growing list of appalling “reporting” about the situation on the ground in different parts of the country on the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this week, Democrats and the MSM tried to make people think Trump and other Republicans wanted to get the economy going again ASAP even if they had to sacrifice senior citizens to do it. Now they’re trying to make people believe hospitals in the U.S. are rationing care, like Italy has had to do.

I’d call what they’re doing highly irresponsible in the extreme, but that doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of the needless panic they’ve spread by running with reports that aren’t true, some of which they have walked back well after the fact.

Quite frankly, Hunt should be suspended over what she did, but it’s not going to happen. Why? Because false narratives and “getting Trump” are the order of the day with the MSM, even if it comes at the expense of scaring people at a time when their fears are running high.


— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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