Joe Biden held a virtual town hall on the coronavirus, presumably to show that he is better equipped than President Trump to address a pandemic crisis.  It didn’t go well.

In fact, it was an unmitigated disaster.  A real one, not the TDS-fueled media rendition of doomsday fear-mongering that passes for coverage of the Trump administration’s coronavirus response.

Fox News reports:

Joe Biden’s first “virtual town hall” was marred with technical gaffes and confusion, and ended after only five minutes.

The former vice president had to cancel his Friday rally in Chicago over coronavirus concerns, and his campaign sought to connect with Illinois voters online instead.

The event was broadcast live on Facebook and conducted with Zoom, a business videoconferencing app. It got off to a confusing start with the presidential hopeful starting his remarks before the camera started recording.

As he prepared to take a phone question from “Maureen” the line went dead.

“You there?” Biden asked.

At another point, Biden answered a question on endangered species by turning away from the camera and walking off the screen.

People tweeted some embarrassing snippets from that disastrous event during which Biden seemed confused and uncertain about . . . everything.

The message was supposed to be pretty much this:

But this seems more likely:


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