As of Tuesday, the world has over 43,101 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus reported from 28 countries and territories, with 1,018 deaths.

Reports say 7,345 of those afflicted patients are in critical condition, and 4,043 are confirmed recoveries.

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In the United States, there are 398 People Under Investigation (PUI) for possible Wuhan coronavirus, distributed in 36 states. Of those, 13 have tested positive (located in six states), 318 have tested negative, and 67 cases have pending diagnosis status.

First case of coronavirus confirmed in San Diego

The 13th case of the coronavirus in the U.S. has been diagnosed in San Diego, in a evacuee who was placed under quarantine after arrival from Wuhan.

San Diego received its first confirmed case of coronavirus Monday, an official familiar with the situation confirmed to 10News.

According to the source, the individual was aboard the first flight from Wuhan, China to Miramar last Wednesday.

The official says the individual is an adult. It’s unclear whether the patient is a man or a woman at this time.

The death toll for the Wuhan Cornonavirus now exceeds 1000.

From Fox News:

The death toll from coronavirus topped 1,000 and the daily death toll reached a record high of 100 on Monday, according to China’s National Health Commission (NHC).

The World Health Organization said in a daily briefing that there are at least 40,235 confirmed cases of the virus in mainland China, where 99 percent of the infected people reside. There are also 319 cases in 24 other countries outside of China, including 12 in the U.S.

Australian couple orders wine via drone on a quarantined coronavirus cruise ship.

Wine…it can be used for medicinal purposes.

An Australian couple quarantined on a cruise ship due to the deadly coronavirus kept the party flowing by getting a drone to deliver wine straight to their cabin.

Jan and Dave Binskin, from Queensland, have chronicled their journey of boredom and booze while stranded on the Diamond Princess ship off the coast of Tokyo for the past week.

…The couple then reached out to the Naked Wine Club and — much to their delight — received two bottles of Pinot Noir that was delivered to their cabin door by drone.

“Naked Wine Club you’re incredible. Just got the first drop,” they wrote on Friday along with an image of Dave lounging on the bed donning a mask and holding a glass of their finest.

“Thank God for drones, the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what the fu– was going on.”

Does this satellite image show the scale of China’s coronavirus cremations?

One of the challenges in following the news related to the coronavirus is trying to confirm the reliability of videos and graphics. There is a real chestnut that made the rounds yesterday:

That tweet infected several threads, insisting that the Chinese were burning thousands of bodies that were generating exceedingly high levels of sulfur dioxide. However, China also burns cheap coal, which is sulfur-rich.

However, it is not certain that the high SO2 levels are related to the coronavirus crisis. The colourless gas is also produced by the burning of fossil fuels and other chemical processes.

The areas around Beijing and Shanghai, which are not in lockdown, also displayed high levels of SO2 today, although they were not as high over the weekend.

Dramatic videos are creating more unease than calming citizens.

I conferred with my colleague, who is an experienced biosafety expert. Like myself, she was perplexed by the official Chinese response of using firetrucks and drones to spray disinfecting agent throughout the city:

Neither of us has ever seen such a reaction in outdoor environments. As my colleague noted, viruses typically are killed within 6 hours of exposure to sunlight, due to ultraviolet radiation. Disinfectants are used in enclosed areas and indoors, where the chances for exposure to ultraviolet light are limited.

We both suspect that as the rapid construction of the hospitals, these spray sessions are Chinese theater orchestrated to calm the masses and show that the Communist Party is in charge of the situation. I don’t think the videos are working as planned.

Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to 9 days, which is four times longer than the flu.

Effective disinfection is turning out to be a critical component in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronaviruses such as the killer Wuhan strain can survive on doorknobs and train handrails for up to nine days, research has found.

Unless surfaces are disinfected the virus may lurk on them and stay contagious for more than four times as long as the flu, which survives for two days.

A study has revealed the viruses are relatively easy to kill with alcohol or bleach but can live for a long time if left undisturbed.

And the scientists behind it warn protective gear worn by medics must be disposed of immediately because coronaviruses can survive on them for up to two days.


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