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VIDEO: Iowa Board of Regents Meeting Shut Down by Student Protesters

VIDEO: Iowa Board of Regents Meeting Shut Down by Student Protesters

“They demanded that the board respond today.”

The student protesters were demanding a tuition freeze. Wait until they find out how expensive free college would be.

The Gazette reports:

Student protesters shut down Iowa Board of Regents meeting

Students from across Iowa’s three public universities on Wednesday shut down a Board of Regents by interrupting its afternoon session with loud chants, songs, personal stories and demands for a tuition freeze — pleading for a response, “Yes or no, will you implement a tuition freeze?”

At no point during the hourlong impromptu protest during the board’s regularly scheduled meeting at its office in Urbandale did any of the nine regents publicly respond to the dozens of students.

None of the university presidents spoke up either, and all three left the room at various times — as did Board of Regents President Mike Richards and the board’s Executive Director Mark Braun, who said he pulled aside members of the student group to try to coordinate a later discussion.

“I offered to them to sit down and figure out how we can get something worked out where there can be a dialogue, back and forth,” Braun told The Gazette after the board adjourned the meeting about an hour early. “They demanded that the board respond today.”

Because the regents are bound by state law to discuss only items outlined on their previously released agenda — and issues central to the student concerns weren’t on this week’s agenda — members couldn’t discuss them, Braun said.

“To engage in conversation about this and deliberate is committing a violation of the Open Meetings law,” he said.


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It is so very hard when everyone in the world does not acknowledge that YOU and YOUR concerns are the most important issues. The board’s failure to acknowledge that all of the student protesters are the Center of the Universe and their issues must be addressed immediately any time they are brought forward is a severe failure on their part. *Yes, I’m being sarcastic*

IneedAhaircut | February 8, 2020 at 3:36 pm

Eliminate everything that isn’t essential to the core academic and research mission and they could actually lower tuition.

But the would me no more offices of diversity, no more student unions with movie theaters and rock climbing walls, no more workout gyms, no more student groups, free student legal services, no more game rooms, etc.

Then they’d protest that all those things were human rights.

It’s time for them to grow a backbone and use the videos to identify the disruptive people. Disruptive students should be placed on probation, and their parents should be notified that they are in danger of losing their financial aid. Non-students should be charged with trespass.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 8, 2020 at 5:33 pm

Shut down all but STEM majors and REAL arts. Shove the grievance majors to the curb. This nonsense will be down to about 5% of what it is now.

“The Tuition just got 10% Greater…”

Yeah, I’d sit down with these little twerps. That way, it’d be harder for them to resist when the police rush through the door to arrest them all.