Even the progressive author and professor Camille Paglia has said that indulging children in transgenderism is a form of child abuse. It’s astounding that this event took place at Notre Dame.

The College Fix reports:

Notre Dame hosts ‘affirming care for gender-diverse youth’ panel

The University of Notre Dame on Tuesday hosted a panel of experts who asserted that it is beneficial to young people, even children as young as five, to affirm their gender dysphoria and then to help them medically transition at the right age.

“If a child tells you who they are, that’s who they are,” said J. Dennis Fortenberry, chief and professor of adolescent medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Gender identity is “established fairly early, and it’s resistant to change,” said Stephanie Sanders, senior scientist at the Kinsey Institute and provost professor of gender studies at Indiana University.

The event was held in direct response to a panel critical of transgender medicine hosted last fall by the campus group Students for Child-Oriented Policy. As organizers of the pro-transitioning panel kicked off Tuesday’s discussion, they claimed last fall’s SCOP event was based on “disinformation and pseudoscience.”

Asked to respond, Ellie Gardey*, co-president of Students for Child-Oriented Policy, told The College Fix via email the lecture last fall “featured a professor of endocrinology and a medical doctor who used scientific studies to discuss the effects of cross-sex hormones and puberty-blockers on children.”


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