The students are on strike for higher pay. Blocking roads won’t win them any friends.

Campus Reform reports:

17 arrested as grad students block roadways, withhold grades in months-long strike

Graduate students at the University of California-Santa Cruz who are still refusing to submit grades from the Fall 2019 semester are now also refusing to work altogether.

Campus Reform previously covered UCSC’s grade strike in mid-January when 20 percent of students were still without their grades that were originally due Dec. 18. UCSC’s statement at the start of the strike was, “While we recognize the importance of free speech and the exchange of ideas, students involved in the unsanctioned work stoppage have engaged in potential misconduct and may be subject to disciplinary action.”

University of California-Santa Cruz graduate students and teaching assistants moved their grading strike to a general strike Feb. 10 to protest and demand higher pay to reflect that of the Santa Cruz cost of living.

Students held up signs that said, “The rent is too damn high”, and “Pay us enough.

The strike reached a new level on Wednesday when police responded to their disruptive form of protests, which included blocking roadways.

“Officers repeatedly tried to de-escalate the situation and made clear that blocking this major roadway had to stop or it would lead to arrest,” UCSC spokesman Scott Hernandez-Jason said.

“Demonstrators locked arms, sat in the roadway, and refused to move back onto the university field,” Hernandez-Jason added.

As a result, 17 people were arrested on charges ranging from unlawful assembly, obstructing a public roadway, and disobeying a lawful order.


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