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Campus Reform reports:

Berkeley opens SECOND center for ‘undocumented’ students and ‘allies,’ citing ‘anti-immigrant political climate’

The University of California, Berkeley opened its new Robert D. Haas Undocumented Community Resource Center in early February, announcing the facility as “a space specifically for undocumented students and allies.”

The Undocumented Community Resource Center “epitomizes the university as a place that values diverse backgrounds, inclusivity, and representation,” campus junior Railyn Aguado told The Daily Californian.

“Significantly, the resource center embodies the value of the university and its’ aim to assure that every voice is heard,” Aguado added.

Liliana Iglesias, director of the Undocumented Student Program, told the Daily Californian that “while the Dreamer’s Resource Center has existed as a shared space with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), students expressed wanting a center of their own where they can be themselves, feel safe, and access resources focused on their unique needs.

“The Haas family knew that this was an essential need for undocumented students on campus,” Iglesias added. “Especially in this anti-immigrant political climate, it is important to have a space dedicated to undocumented students. It gives them a sense of belonging on campus and shows them that the university sees and values them, and that it wants them to thrive.”

The Undocumented Community Resource Center becomes another resource for illegal aliens at Berkeley, alongside the Haas Dreamer’s Resource Center, which is designed for students using the DREAM act, and the Educational Opportunity Program, which serves first-generation, low-income and underrepresented college students.


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