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Trump to Visit Los Angeles, Checking on 2028 Olympics Efforts and Homelessness Solutions

Trump to Visit Los Angeles, Checking on 2028 Olympics Efforts and Homelessness Solutions

Trump’s “success offensive” may be working, as leaders of California’s #Resistance begin warming up to him and his administration.

Few of us political news junkies can ever forget one of President Barack Obama’s earlier failures as President. Remember when the Obamas personally appealed to International Olympic Committee members for the 2016 summer Olympic Games to be in Chicago?

The Obamas went home empty-handed as Chicago’s dreams of hosting the Games evaporated in the first round.

President Donald Trump is leaving nothing to chance for the upcoming site selection process.  He will head to Los Angeles on Wednesday for a briefing on the city’s efforts to host the 2028 event and prepares to head for regional rallies and fundraisers.

President Donald Trump will be briefed on preparations for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles and raise millions for his reelection campaign next week as part of a three-day, four-state swing to Western states.

The White House says Trump will also discuss water supply and delivery issues in California, and speak at a graduation ceremony for prisoners in Las Vegas. Trump will hold campaign rallies in Phoenix and Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as fundraisers in Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage.

…Trump’s visit to California will also test his relationship with the state’s Democratic leaders. They have sparred on infrastructure spending, fuel mileage standards and so-called sanctuary cities policies.

Trump will depart Tuesday for Los Angeles, where he will meet the LA28 Olympic Committee “for an update on their efforts to prepare for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games,” the White House said. He is scheduled to attend a campaign fundraiser in the area, before continuing to Las Vegas.

It appears Trump’s “success offensive” may be working, as the relationship with some Democratic leaders may be substantially less frosty than they have been in the past. This is especially true, because as the Olympic committee members tend to avoid selecting third-world enclaves of infectious disease, and LA is going to need a great deal of help addressing its public health problems.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Thursday announced the formation of a joint working group to combat the homelessness crisis.

Although much about the collaboration remains unknown, the mayor and secretary said their staffs would be working together to identify red tape and other impediments to getting people off the streets and housed quickly.

As recently as last month, Garcetti and Carson said they were close to a deal that would allow Los Angeles to receive more federal resources, including money and land on which to build shelters. The mayor warned at the time that “there’s no cavalry coming from Washington.”

On Thursday, however, Garcetti was more optimistic. He and Carson spoke with The Times at the Getty House, hours after both men addressed an event on homelessness at USC’s Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy.

How successful has Trump been? Legal Insurrection readers may recall that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who exchanged insults with Trump, said that the GOP is “dying at the box office” by not having more inclusive messages and policies. The actor also suggested that California doesn’t care about President Trump.

Schwarzenegger is now applauding Trump for addressing California’s housing and homeless crisis.

“When it comes down to it, California was going through a period where we had kind of had a no-growth movement,” Schwarzenegger told “The Next Revolution” with Steve Hilton.

…Schwarzenegger also said the environmental movement prevented new construction and it has “backfired,” driving California’s “no-growth movement.”

Schwarzenegger thanked Trump last week for his efforts to combat the homelessness crisis in California.

How bad must the poll numbers be for Democrats, and how good must they be for Trump, to see the generals and captains of California’s #Resistance begin warming up to him and his administration?


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This warming strongly suggests that California Democrat big shots are increasingly resigned to Trump’s reelection this fall and they’d better get their minds right.

Perfect, LA is the perfect place for another financial disaster like the Olympics. Go LA!

    Milhouse in reply to floridaman. | February 19, 2020 at 10:21 am

    I would normally say that, and if I were running a city I’d pay good money not to host the Olympics there, but supposedly the 1984 games not only paid for themselves but made a profit. Now I don’t know how good those numbers are if you look at them carefully. Additionally, just because LA — alone among cities — knew how to do this right 36 years ago doesn’t mean it still does. So I’m not cheering this effort, but I’m also not booing it yet. Who knows, maybe it could turn into a good thing.

      The City of Atlanta also reportedly “made a profit” on the 1996 games. I moved there in 1992, shortly after it was announced they would host the games. I lived there for 14 years and saw the city boom the whole time I was there. They made massive investments in transportation to gear up for the games, and those investments paid dividends for decades (although they eventually out-grew that capacity). There were also several very decrepit areas of the city that were renovated for venues that went on to become very nice areas of town (again).

The Olympics tends to be a money-loser for the host city, but there’s always somebody that profits — and these “Resistance” types have always liked to be right at the spigot when the graft is flowing.

If it looks like Trump will help them with that, of course they’ll pretend not to want him and all of his voters dead.

This is really campaign posturing by Trump, every bit as much as driving The Beast’ around the track at Daytona. However, that doesn’t make it a bad thing, or a bad idea. Visiting California and talking about the homeless problem is a no-lose proposition for him. He won’t win California because of it, but it’ll help in other states by pointing out the failure of Democratic rule there. Bonus: if the situation gets better, it’s because of his actions – if it gets no better, well the Dems had let things get so bad that even his Federal Intervention couldn’t fix things.

Then there’s proactively chasing the Olympic bid. Sounds a lot like Making America Great Again doesn’t it? Trump has an excellent team of marketing men working for him I think.

Impressive even

    buck61 in reply to Hodge. | February 19, 2020 at 10:16 am

    he is also splitting up the west coast media. on the eve of the nevada debate and caucus he is in the area, very similar to the appearance in new hampshire just before the primary.
    when let the dems control the narrative especially with bloomberg on stage ( with a booster box) for the first time.

Anacleto Mitraglia | February 19, 2020 at 10:27 am

The dead & illegal votes aside, I won’t be surprised if the State will be less solid-blue at next election cycle. I believe there must be also a lot of normal, decent people fed up with the local Government.

    amatuerwrangler in reply to Anacleto Mitraglia. | February 19, 2020 at 11:09 am

    It is not solid blue. Huge, dense pockets of blue voters exist in the SF and LA “spheres of influence” plus the Sacramento bursting radius (state capital), but there is lots of open land where you guy’s food is produced, and it is not hard blue. It is rugged and full of hard work, thus the blue guys being elsewhere.

      It’s like I keep saying, Republican voters didn’t flee the state nor morph into left wing radicals. It’s the Republican party under Bush/Cheney/Kennedy/Buffet that usurped the CA Republican State Committee. Eventually, non-Californians will drop their anti-CA bigotry and recognize the same happening in their states. Texas looks a lot like CA did 5-10 years ago… except CA’s border was NEVER that wide open. Same sanctuary cities though.

        CA has the advantage of a very narrow border with Mexico. And it’s actually an area that shows that border walls DO in fact work.

          And except for the endless state bond propositions lately, every time low taxes, border control, or family values are on the ballot, CA votes for them. It’s the judges who then overturn the will of the voters. Very frustrating.

          I guess we should blame Professor Jacobsen for the problems in RI? Or “let’s give RI back to Mexico”?

          Trump has made an art of tackling “hopeless” states and turned them red while McCain and Romney made certain red states “battleground” states and then lost them.

          CA if ripe for Trump to come in and take it. Nothing has more motivated me to re-register as an unaffiliated independent than the anti-CA hatred that offers no hope or encouragement for the state that is home to possibly the greatest number of Republican voters. There is a reason why the GOP is known as “The Stupid Party”. Thank God for Trump!

        And oh yeah, a Republican hasn’t won California since Reagan.

    Lots of conservatives, but I wonder how many ignore the polls because the blue vote is so overwhelming.
    Be nice to see them all get Trumpmania and go out en masse and make it close in California.
    Depends probably wouldn’t stem the democrats overflowing fears.

If Trump really wants to make a good impression, skip the exasperating traffic stopping motorcade. Take the chopper.

I would personally NOT support any Olympic effort in CA. Screw CA. The state has a policy of NOT allowing state travel to any state with sane policies re: immigration, gender recognition, you name it. Time to pay back CA. And Trump should NOT make nice with CA. They are the enemy within.

    If your Republican party is serious about turning blue states red, people like you must stop talking like that. Had the GOP not surrendered CA to the Dems under Bush ’41, it would still be impossible to win the governorship or senate seats without first embracing secure borders, low taxes, and family values.

    The votes ARE here for Trump to gather and empower. More and more of them are disgruntled Dem voters, blacks and latinos. Other than hatred of CA and punishing us for what the GOP did to this state, what is your plan to regain a GOP majority? You don’t think regaining the biggest state matters?


      amatuerwrangler in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 19, 2020 at 1:15 pm

      These guys should be singing our praises. We have dug in and filled the sandbags so we can keep all these crazy blue voters in our 55 electoral vote corral. If they were to stampede off to other states, they could change them, changing “purple” states solid blue. Think about it.

      Pasadena Phil is right. It is wonderful that President Trump is coming here. California has been ignored by the Republican candidates in the past, and the lefties have filled the vacuum here. They are doing, in Sacramento, what the lefties in Virginia are doing – ie going so far left that everybody is furious. Right now they are trying to make all small business people into union employees, and the anger across the state against Sacramento is palpable. Trump can constellate that anger to his good purposes. If he gets Los Angeles on board with Olympics involvement, that will be a big win. And yes he should travel by helicopter.

Even if Trump doesn’t win California in the General election, he can still motivate Republican voters to turn out and vote for local and state R’s, as well as boost his numbers in the “popular vote.”

Much as I would enjoy watching the left go apoplectic again, over a “popular vote loss” with EC win, I’m hoping he absolutely mops the floor this election and garners the highest number of votes in the history of US Presedential elections.

Garcetti is the buttegig of mayors. He is, by far, the worst, most destructive mayor on LA history.

The street crisis is ENTIRELY his making. And it serves the left well.

How STUPID are LA voters??

    LA voters are not stupid. There are NEVER EVER good candidates to vote for. Republicans almost never even put up a candidate. Even when one emerges Republican candidate, like Walter Moore who was an exceptional candidate, the Republican poobahs endorse the Democrat.

    You CA haters are totally ignorant and insulting.

I agree Pasadena Phil. Please do not lump all Californians into the same category. We conservatives are fighting the good fight here. The candidates are terrible, the ‘winners’ are stupid, and we are doing the best we can. And be watchful – it may very well come to your state next.