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Protesters From Multiple Groups Interrupt Family Weekend Event at Harvard

Protesters From Multiple Groups Interrupt Family Weekend Event at Harvard

“stood in front of the stage and hoisted banners”

Activists think disrupting events like this gives them more visibility, but it also turns a lot of people against them.

The College Fix reports:

‘A little bit overkill’: Protesting groups interrupt Harvard president’s speech during family weekend

A broad variety of student protesters on Friday interrupted a speech by Harvard President Lawrence Bacow during the university’s Junior Family Weekend, unfurling banners and marching in front of an assembly to demonstrate for at least seven different causes.

The Harvard Crimson reports that Bacow was delivering a welcoming speech to family members at the school’s Sanders Theater when numerous students “stood in front of the stage and hoisted banners” while others “draped additional banners” over the balustrades of the theater balcony.

The activists apparently represented a broad, variegated cross-section of political movements at Harvard, according to The Crimson:

Protestors stood in front of the stage and hoisted banners that read “Justice for Palestine,” “Contract Now,” and “Ethnic Studies Now” as Bacow spoke. Students in the balconies draped additional banners, including one that read, “Nobody Wins When Harvard Invests in Climate Injustice, Prisons, Stolen Land, PR Debt.”

The banners appeared to represent causes taken up by a variety of student activist organizations, including Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard, Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign, Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition, and Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine.


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I guess no one asked Oberlin how well pissing off the alumni works.

    artichoke in reply to MajorWood. | February 26, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    Harvard has nearly infinite money unlike Oberlin. I don’t know why they choose to waste it, and student seats, on such activists. But I guess that’s what they want, or at least what the admissions office wants.

Sickening, arrogant and selfish. Some of the people attending should have arrested the children for disrupting the event.