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Protesters from ‘Divest Harvard’ Occupy University Hall

Protesters from ‘Divest Harvard’ Occupy University Hall

“When our air is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back”

This is the group that has been trying to get Harvard to divest from fossil fuels.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Divest Harvard Protesters Occupy University Hall

Protesters from Divest Harvard occupied University Hall Thursday afternoon as part of a rally held in celebration of the National Day of Divestment.

Protesters remained in the building for an hour. In a closing statement, Divest Harvard member Joseph Winters announced that the University faces a deadline of Earth Day — April 22 — to divest from the fossil fuel industry. Divestment organizers said they would continue to advocate daily for their cause.

“Every day until then and every single day after, if you do not listen, we’ll keep coming back to make our call: disclose, divest, or this movement will not rest!” Winters said.

Inside the administrative building, organizers handed out packets with poems about divestment and statements from Harvard faculty in support of their cause.

“When our air is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” the group chanted.

“Harvard, step off it, put people over profit,” they added.

Protesters took turns reading statements from the packet, including a statement of support from Philosophy Department Chair Edward J. Hall and a poem entitled “Earthrise” by inaugural U.S. youth poet laureate Amanda S. C. Gorman ’20.


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How many of these morons use cars or public transportation?Probably EVERY LAST ONE.Until you’re willing to discontinue the use of EVERYTHING in your life that’s made possible by fossil fuels STFU!!!!

    There is almost nothing in modern society that is not facilitated in one way or another by hydrocarbons. Unfortunately, it is a feature, not a bug, for the populace to be so poorly educated that it does not know that (or many other things that would be inconvenient for the left’s agenda).

Time to shut the heat off in the classrooms. Instantaneous fossil fuel divestment.

There’s always something.

When I was there, the SDS occupied University Hall to protest the Vietnam war. That was when the police went in and knocked a few heads. The smell of tear gas still reminds me of Harvard.

A few years later, they were protesting apartheid in South Africa. There were also some other protests from year to year.

Now, they’re protesting fossil fuels. Never mind that virtually all of them drive cars, use the subway that runs on coal-fired electricity, and live in heated dorms. This is the most hypocritical of their protests.

Turning off the heat in the dorms would be a good first step toward divestment. Another good step would be walking everywhere. But those things will never happen. Protesters always want OTHER people to be inconvenienced by their virtue signaling. Their virtue ends when it comes to their own inconvenience. Look at all the Democratic candidates, using private jets to get around while they back the Green New Deal, which provides for abolishing air travel for anyone else.

51 years after the original “Harvard Strike”, not much has changed.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 16, 2020 at 8:59 am

How many of the protestors are taking real majors?

Harvard’s answer to these people should be: “You first”.

Sounds like no lesson was taught/learned at the football game. At some point you have to start suspecting that the chief admins are their biggest fans, just sayin.

Send the names to Mommy & Daddy or to the trustee of the trust fund that is paying tuition, with a note that starting the next day the names of everyone who occupies a building will be made public. Protests will fizzle down to hard leftists who never expect to work for a living or (equivalently) expect to get university positions teaching the kind of drivel that passes for trendy research and cutting edge academics these days.