Back in the spring of 2019, the political world was marveling at how small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg seemingly arrived from out of nowhere and took over Beto O’Rourke’s spot as the media’s favorite Democratic presidential candidate.

As I wrote at the time, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was like the shiny new toy for the MSM after the excitement over a possible “first female president” went on the back burner. Now it’s the “ZOMG maybe the first gay man in the Oval Office and how can I get a press pass on his media bus and be a part of history?” hysteria.

But while the media’s role in the slow but steady rise in Buttigieg’s polling numbers is undeniable, there has always been something else at play in his meteoric ascent – something people couldn’t quite put their finger on.

Now a little over a year after Buttigieg formed an exploratory committee, many people are still wondering, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who had some thoughts about Buttigieg on his program Monday night:

“Is he actually human? Does he leave footprints? Has he ever cast a shadow? Or is this so-called Pete Buttigieg exactly what he appears to be: A corporate hologram designed by the HR Department at Google for instructional purposes?” Carlson said. “But it’s possible that A.I. is now so sophisticated that we’re looking at our first robotic presidential candidate.”

“You’ll notice, for example — not to be a conspiracy nut but it is true — every word Buttigieg utters is perfectly synchronized with the official view from Silicon Valley and the finance world,” Carlson said.

Watch the segment below:

People know Carlson takes digs at Buttigieg. He posted this “Deep Thoughts with Mayor Pete” clip he posted on Twitter last week, which mocked the Obama-esque soaring rhetoric that you often hear from Buttigieg on the campaign trail:

NRO’s Michael Brendan Dougherty opined Friday that while Pete Buttigieg “may not be a robot,” that there was undoubtedly something mysterious and unsettling about how well he’s done nationally in such a short timespan:

It has to be said: There is something plain amazing about Pete Buttigieg’s run for the presidency. His last election was for mayor of a very small city. No offense to South Bend, Ind., but being the nation’s 308th largest city is not something to brag about. In his last election before the Iowa caucus Buttigieg won the support of less than 9,000 people. Pete Buttigieg [won the Iowa caucus] by outlasting, out-fundraising, and out-debating former governors and a California senator, and lapping billionaire entrepreneurs. He beat a national front-runner and essentially tied the runner-up to the 2016 Democratic nomination. From unknown to serious contender for the presidency in less than a year: This is real Mr. Smith stuff, a tribute to the everyman nature of democracy.

To repeat myself, this is amazing, amazing stuff. But also, it’s really creepy.


I’m not saying for sure that Pete Buttigieg is a robot or a phenomenon of massive psychotic projection. I can’t prove that. All I can say is that when he came out on stage in Iowa, I felt like we were undergoing a coup.

Bernie Bros have started calling him “Mayor Cheat” — which is funny. But I now think of him as “Creepy Pete.” No one can explain to me with any narrative satisfaction how he ended up on television in the position he is in. But here he is, bidding to be our leader. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. So incredible that I just want to check with all my readers and all their friends: Why are we crediting this as our reality?

While Carlson and Dougherty both bring up good questions, we here at Legal Insurrection can confirm that at least on some level, it appears Buttigieg is indeed human. How else could you explain how he mistakenly called “dark money” in politics “black money” – in front of a crowd of black South Carolina Democratic voters?

That clip alone should prove Buttigieg is not a robot because everyone knows that robots don’t ever make blunders, especially on that level.

Do they?

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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