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Joe Biden Calls Female Student A “Lying dog-faced pony soldier”

Joe Biden Calls Female Student A “Lying dog-faced pony soldier”

Tells student who said she’d been to a caucus: “No you haven’t, you’re a lying, dog-faced pony solider. You gotta be honest”

In a truly bizarro world moment on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Joe Biden (D-DE) told a woman who asked about his electability following his failure in Iowa that she is a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

I kid you not.

I’m not sure he “snapped” at her, as there seems to be some levity here, starting when she said her question was “mean” and Biden took off his jacket.  But . . . the optics are not good.

The Hill reports:

The woman, who said she is an economics major, asked the Democratic presidential candidate how he explains his standing after Iowa, where the former vice president emerged in fourth place.

“Good question. Number one Iowa is a Democratic caucus. Ever been to a caucus?” Biden asked the woman.

She reportedly responded that she had.

“No you haven’t, you’re a lying, dog-faced pony solider. You gotta be honest,” Biden responded to laughter, using a joke his campaign said he has made before.

As the clip of the interaction began making the rounds, Biden’s campaign rushed to point out the line was a joke he had made multiple times and was met with laughter.

The internet, of course, has to internet, so it’s lit up like crazy with Biden defenders stressing the levity leading up to the comment (levity that, to me at least, is clearly present), but it’s hard not to notice that the same people who a moment earlier were laughing loudly when Biden took off his jacket had switched to a subdued nervous laughter following the “you’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier” line.

Apparently, this is a line from a John Wayne movie.  Or something.

[UPDATE: Slate has located a 2018 video of Biden using this line:

. . . back to original post.]

Even if Biden was using the line in a joking manner (presumably to avoid answering the very reasonable question posed), the optics here are not good.

He’s lashed out at voters before, infamously telling one man that he was “a damn liar.” While this time doesn’t have the same “feel” to it, the optics are not good.


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Incoherent Joe. The guy is a national joke. President FDR on TV in 1929 to explain the Market crash, and so much more. He is nothing but a worthless, bullshitting, gob of snot politician who has never done anything worthwhile in his entire fraudulent life.

He does have a way with words….

JusticeDelivered | February 9, 2020 at 5:51 pm

Another example of of how the Democrats are driving their fellows to other parties.

Joe Biden told “a woman that she is a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier'”

Apparently Dale Carnegie’s 1935 book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, not on Joe’s reading list.

“Everybody in the room was laughing!”

People laugh at Abe Simpson too.

    Okay, I’m stealing that.

    Joe Biden is the Abe Simpson of Dem candidates.

      Mr85 in reply to JohnC. | February 10, 2020 at 10:48 am

      The important thing was he had an onion tied to his belt. Which was the style at the time.

        LOL I had forgotten about that
        had to go look up the whole ramble..

        We can’t bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways. One trick is to tell ’em stories that don’t go anywhere – like the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ’em. “Give me five bees for a quarter,” you’d say.

        Now where were we? Oh yeah: the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…

Yup, the old “lying dog-face pony-soldier” line.

Gets ’em every time.

When is this treasonous POS going to prison?

Serious question here. How can doctors determine if a Democrat has Alzheimer’s symptons?

    When they say things that make absolutely no sense. For instance, the expression, ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier, makes absolutely no sense. Even if you were to call a pony soldier “dog face” it makes no sense to use that expression when talking to a young woman whom you do not know, in front of a tv camera while running for President of the United States. The expression, if ever used, would have gone out of vogue about 100 years ago. The whole thing is pretty creepy. But I guess if you’re a democrat you would be okay with giving someone like that control of the nuclear launch football.

Where did that expression come from, lying dog-faced pony soldier?

Biden is a living emetic. They could use him at exorcisms to bore the hell out of demons.

    boulder in reply to NotKennedy. | February 9, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    The expression is reportedly from a John Wayne movie as expressed by an Indian Chief.

      Hodge in reply to boulder. | February 9, 2020 at 7:03 pm

      “ The expression is reportedly from a John Wayne movie as expressed by an Indian Chief.”

      I hear this claim but no one has identified the movie so far, and my searches have found nothing,

      Doe’s anyone one which movie it’s allegedly from?

        No idea, John Wayne made a LOT of movies. That said, I did see that Slate has posted a video of Biden explaining the context in 2018 and added it to the post. It doesn’t help him in this case, of course, but for those of us curious about how his brain decided this was a great way to address a young female student (and, one would imagine, a potential Biden supporter given the event), it’s interesting background.

          Dog faced pony soldier is referencing an Indian scout (dog faced) pony soldier (U.S. Cavalry).

          It is an Indian helping the Cavalry.

          As in someone who appears to be in the wrong camp or on the wrong side.

          When you put it that way, Conan, it sounds like Elizabeth Warren should be demanding an apology.

      Bandmeeting in reply to boulder. | February 10, 2020 at 10:28 am

      I’m not sure that the line is actually in this but there is a movie called “Pony Soldier” starring Tyrone Power.

    B Buchanan in reply to NotKennedy. | February 9, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    NK, I got this from another thread, don’t know this for myself, but these are apparently old insulting army terms. “Dog face” is a reference to the lowest rank of infantry soldier who is stupid, ugly and useless. A “pony soldier” is a reference to the black Buffalo Soldiers who served with the Calvary in the Old West. They weren’t considered good enough to ride regular horses and were given ponies to ride instead, which was considered an insult. From my own all-of-five-minute-internet-search alternate meanings are 1. A name given to Indian scouts who helped the US Calvary in the West or 2. A nickname given to US cavalrymen by the Indians. The Internet is already rife with positive spins on what Biden called his questioner – he was complimenting her! Really! Repeatedly it is stated that it is a common expression Biden has used, borrowed from an old John Wayne movie (although no one has found the actual line yet, haha.) It’s a joke! Everyone laughs! It’s funny!

    Ah, they are busy on defense!

      alaskabob in reply to B Buchanan. | February 9, 2020 at 9:58 pm

      So even Biden is “going native”. Pretty soon he will say his great great grandfather was in the US Cavalry or some such.. or that it was his Indian forebearer that originated the term. Trying to stay up with Liz Warran on the warpath it seems.

      The Dems impeached Trump for doing the very same thing Democrat voters are doing and doing what the other candidates wish they could do…putting Joe out to pasture.

      Continuing on.. the big question is who in the White House would be running the show with Joe as prez? That is who the Dems are really voting for indirectly.

Gropey Joe really has me torn. On the one hand, I greatly enjoy watching the Dims implode on the campaign trail.

But part of me truly feels sorry for him. Doesn’t he have any family members who love and care for him enough to talk him out of this? There is clearly something wrong with him mentally, yet they let him persist in embarrassing the hell out himself.

The only thing I can figure is that they’re all up to their elbows in the graft and corruption, and their only hope for the gravy-train to continue is for Joe to get elected again.


It may be from a John Wayne movie, but in this context, it makes no sense, even as a joke. At this point, I think Biden is just going through the motions–he doesn’t even act like he wants the nomination, much less having to actually campaign against Trump.

    Andy in reply to rochf. | February 10, 2020 at 12:11 am

    It’s a line from a John Wayne movie?

    Dem students these days watch a lot of John Wayne movies and get the references. I did not know that.

    Curious as I don’t know a person under 30 who has ever watched a John Wayne movie.

“Yuk, yuk, yuk. It was all, good, clean fun, and if anyone took offense it’s because they’re humor deficient.”

Oh no, that’s nothing like piling one insult on top of another. Keep digging, fellas, you just might find a golden crown at the bottom of that hole.

How many deplorables are equal to one lying dog faced pony soldier?

In my 70 years, I have never heard that phrase? epithet? insult? before.

    rangered in reply to farmermom. | February 9, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    Congratulations Farmermom, you win….I am 69 years old and now will never make it to 70 without hearing “lying dog faced pony soldier” but I guess I can lord it over all those youngsters who didn’t even make it to 50 before hearing it.

    WestRock in reply to farmermom. | February 9, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    Did a quick search …

    Biden owns that expression. Yeeha!

    amatuerwrangler in reply to farmermom. | February 9, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Gotcha both: 75 and this is the first Iv’e heard it.

    As those who hold the MOS of 11Bxx will tell you, “Dogface” (sometimes hyphenated) is a term of endearment, but only to the initiated. It is often used as the Army equivalent of “Jarhead”. [Note that both terms are capitalized here]. The woman addressed did not appear to be amongst the aforementioned initiated, however, nor did the person addressing her.

      My dad was a “dogface” in WW2 and KIA in Korea. He taught me the Infantry song when I was but a toddler:

      “I wouldn’t give a bean to be a fancy-pants Marine
      I’d rather be a dog-face soldier like I am
      “I wouldn’t trade my old ODs for all the Navy dungarees
      for I’m the walking pride of Uncle Sam…”

Stick a fork in him…..he’s done.

Comanche Voter | February 9, 2020 at 7:42 pm

Joe gets confused when he plagiarizes. His handlers have suggested that he lifted the line from a John Wayne movie (which movie? No one can say). He’s used it three times now, at least it’s been reported on three different occasions. If Joe thinks that he got it from a John Wayne movie, this is just more of Joe “butching up”—“I took the guy behind the high school gym and whaled on him” etc.

But there was a Tyrone Power flick called “Pony Soldier”. Maybe Joe got it from there. He does get confused. As Tonto said, Quien Sabe?

This is playground insult stuff. Neener Neener Neener. Joe, it’s not a good look for a man your age.

1) Everyone “laughed”. Laughter is often the reaction to shock and embarrassment at faux pas. I doubt the woman addressed laughed. I personally would be stunned to be spoken to that way, but might “laugh”…maybe…possibly…imaginably.

2) Would it be just as funny if it were addressed to a transgender “woman”? Yup. Didn’t think so.

The man is *disgusting* to look at. And I am old myself, but all that plastic surgery has him looking like something out of an old ghoul movie. The eyes peer out of two little slits in the ancient skin stretched too tight over the all too visible skull. He looks like a death mask.

His smile is totally fake– instructions: pull the corners of the mouth back to expose teeth. When chimpanzees do that, it’s a threat.

How’s this for a laugh, Joe: Lying, disgusting skull faced grifter pol?

When his campaign started, I was laughing at gropin’ joe. Then I felt sorry for the guy. Then I was confused by him. Today, he has brought me back to laughing. “Lying dog-faced pony soldier” I literally laughed out loud… my sides… my sides…

The optics are bad. He should’ve saved the joke and called a MAN a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.“

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A dog, a pony and a soldier walk into a tavern and belly up to the bar…

    Milhouse in reply to guinspen. | February 9, 2020 at 9:28 pm

    …having just given a sales demo.

    heh google that this comment is number 1 on search LOL

    can’t insert screenshot:(

    About 82 results (1.21 seconds)
    Search Results
    Web results › 2020/02 › nh-joe-biden-calls-student-a-lying-…

    Joe Biden Calls Female Student A “Lying dog-faced pony …
    3 days ago – In a truly bizarro world moment on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Joe … following his failure in Iowa that she is a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” … A dog, a pony and a soldier walk into a tavern and belly up to the bar…

Does anyone doubt for a second that if a Republican/conservative said this, the Left would lose their ever-loving minds trying to figure out who could claim the ‘most-offended’ title?

    healthguyfsu in reply to joe.butin. | February 9, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    my thoughts exactly…we’d be subject to some “wokesplaining” about how evil this is and how we must condemn it right away.

    Joe Biden,et al. get a demsplain defense and maybe a little finger wag because of the affiliation next to the name.

    LookoutABear in reply to joe.butin. | February 10, 2020 at 7:26 am

    You mean ike the time Trump said Horse face?

Biden is trying to do his low info method of imitating Trump.

Trump is very smart and only attacks the public figures. MSM, other pols, celebs that start feuds, etc. Biden in his own simple brain thinks outdoing Trump is to go and insult ordinary people instead.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 9, 2020 at 10:27 pm

I’m more interested in the tweet from Remi Yamamoto. I thought that must be a parody account. Bien’s press secretary is really named Yamamotto? Anybody know if she’s related to the brilliant Japanese naval strategist, Admiral Yamamoto, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor?

It’s increasingly beginning to look like the movie exists only in Biden’s imagination.

In this day and age you are not supposed to say anything that will make a woman feel bad about herself. That’s their rule. This student may be a Republican operative for Pop Biden’s slur to be excused (that’s how you get away with slamming the First Lady) but talk about being above the law. Who does he think he is….. a Russian oligarch?

Bonus points – imagine him trying this on Putin.

2nd Ammendment Mother | February 10, 2020 at 10:34 am

Seems he owes John Wayne royalties (sarc)

Did Plugs tear up any papers in front of the podium? That’s apparently the new dem meme.

Come on man? It’s just Joe being Joe. It’s not like he called her a maccaca or something.

    LeftWingLock in reply to Ironman. | February 11, 2020 at 7:48 am

    IRONMAN — You make a great point. America can not take away the free speech rights of our politicians. This woman needs to PROVE that she is not a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.

A woman, a female, a dog — a close association h/t NYT. It sounds like a liberal way to call her a bitch… la cabrona h/t Jennifer Lopez.

I believe his prior plagiarism was a speech by Niel Kinnock, this seems to be lines from an old movie. It is a reminder that he has never had an original thought worthy of recording.Child molestation doesn’t count.