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National Education Association Pushes Transgendered Education in Elementary Schools

National Education Association Pushes Transgendered Education in Elementary Schools

“Transgender and non-binary youth are part of classrooms all across this country and deserve to see their stories reflected in their schools and communities”

The National Education Association has teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign to push transgendered indoctrination in elementary schools. The pair are pushing schools and communities across the country to read children’s books about transgenderism on February 27 (today).

From the HRC blog:

On February 27, thousands of parents, educators, elected officials and allies will join in solidarity with transgender and gender-expansive students by hosting school and community readings of I Am Jazz, a children’s book by transgender teen trailblazer Jazz Jennings, as well as additional titles. The fifth annual Jazz and Friends National Day of School and Community Readings is sponsored by the Welcoming Schools Program at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, and the National Educational Association (NEA), the country’s largest professional employee organization, representing 3 million educators across the U.S.

Following yet another year of cruel attacks on the rights and dignity of transgender young people — including a firestorm of proposed state legislation which could bar transgender youth and their parents from making decisions about their medical care — the day of readings helps foster safe and welcoming schools and communities for youth who still rarely hear affirming stories of LGBTQ people. In addition to I Am Jazz, participants will have the option of reading from additional books about transgender and gender-expansive youth of color, including Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love and They, She, He Easy as ABC by Maya and Matthew Smith Gonzalez.

“Transgender and non-binary youth are part of classrooms all across this country and deserve to see their stories reflected in their schools and communities,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “I Am Jazz is a joyful book loved by children of all identities and it serves as a powerful tool for educators, parents and anyone who wants to lead with love during these challenging times. The readings that will take place across the country send a powerful message of support to transgender youth and their allies.”

According to CNS News, the Family Research Council encouraged parents to keep their kids home:

The conservative Family Research Council (FRC) is urging parents across the country to keep their kids home on Thursday, Feb. 27, a day that pro-LGBT activists and teachers will use to read pro-transgender books to children in some schools and libraries, a practice they want to establish as an annual event.

“Do you want your child to be psychologically manipulated at school on Thursday? Might be a good day for a Mommy Date at the museum!” said the FRC’s Cathy Ruse in a post on the group’s website.

“The anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign [HRC]and their pals at the powerful National Education Association are pushing public schools to recognize this Thursday as ‘Jazz and Friends National Day of School & Community Readings,'” noted Ruse.

The HRC states that it is showcasing three books for the Jazz and Friends readings: Julian is a MermaidI am Jazz, and They She He Me: Free to Be!

The suggested books whitewash transgenderism in an effort to normalize the behavior. CNS continued:

InJulian is a Mermaida young boy fantasizes about dressing as a woman after he sees three women dressed as Mermaids on the subway. With his new view, Julian can be anything he wants, a mermaid, a woman, or ?

Commenting on the book, LGBTQ Nation said, “Growing up with lesbian aunts as the heart of the family, [author Jessica] Love says it helped to shape the book as she created it. She also cited her partner’s older brother, who had just transitioned when they met.”

The children’s book They She He Me: Free to Be!is a “much-needed picture book about pronouns and gender fluidity,” according to the School Library Journal. According to the blurb on amazon, the book is “a go-to place to help keep the conversations alive, break down assumptions of who is ‘she’ or ‘he’ and expand beyond the binary to include ‘they’ and more.”

I am Jazz is “a transgender propaganda book designed for children,” reported the FRC.  “It is based on the real-life story of ‘Jazz,’ a child who was convinced that he was born in the wrong body. As a child he was injected with hormones to block his normal sexual development, and recently he had radical surgery to complete his ‘transition’ to another sex. Which, of course, is impossible.”

Here’s I am Jazz, written by Jazz Jennings, a boy who underwent radical surgery to become female and now has a reality show on TLC documenting her (?) life:

And this happened today, complete with kiddos waving flags:


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Be great if they educated rather than indoctrinated.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 27, 2020 at 5:09 pm

If we can’t break these unions, it’s time to disband public schools.

    Yes, the goal is affordable and available education for all Americans, not public education, not indoctrination into a “secular” cult.

    Literacy rates in the US were in the 90th percentile at the turn of the 20th century, when the push for public schools started. Better access to education was never the goal. It was getting the kids away from home for much of the day so it was easier to feed them leftilibral propaganda.

Sex: male and female. Gender (physical and mental sex-correlated attributes): masculine and feminine, respectively.

Trans: state or process, divergent from normal. Trans/homosexual, trans/bisexual, trans/neosexual? Transgender spectrum.

Will they persist to target adolescent and prepubescent boys and girls for indoctrination and medical corruption?

Will they normalize (i.e. promote) trans-socials (e.g. crossdressers, pedophiles) separately? How about tranhumans (e.g. Pro-Choice/selective-child, Pro-Choice/clinical cannibalism)?

How long until NAMBLA ( )gets to tell the little tykes about the wonderful adult men who want to be special to them?

And how long until the kids get to hear heartwarming stories of how they were delivered by Mummy, then made comfortable while Mummy had a heart-to-heart talk with the sweet ol’ doctor about whether to kill them or let them live?

School choice is the civil rights issue of this century.

First point – Like everyone else – Transgender is a mental deasese and not a biological deasese. Secondly, it has all the hallmarks of a fad pseudo diagnosis, which has a devastating irreversable long term harm to the patient.

That being said, hopefully, educating pre-puberty children about transgender may do a lot less harm to the children. Until a person reaches puberty, a person has virtually zero concept of sexuality and virtual zero ability to develop a such a concept.

As an example, In 1965, during the 6th grade, (11 years old) we were shown a film about the dangers of homosexuality. (Looking back, I think that what the film was about, it could have been about pre marital sex). In any case, I had zero clue about what the “educational” film was about and zero care.

    Joe-dallas in reply to Joe-dallas. | February 27, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    Just to clarify
    I am definitely opposed to the introduction transgender in our public schools – except for demonstrating that based on current medical science, it is a fraud with devastating and irreversable harm.

These are really sick people.

Remember: Pedophilia is their goal.

Today, the posters say “Jazz & Friends”. Tomorrow, “Jizz with Friends”.

    They keep holding Jazz up as a poster child. It’s truly sad. This person is not mentally healthy, and I think her mother has Munchausen by Proxy.
    I keep waiting for more physicians and scientists to speak out about how wrong the whole trans thing is.
    Meanwhile, end public sector unions!

“Be who you are. We love you no matter what.”

So what if you are born a violent transphobic citizen? Will the LGPT crowd support said type being who they were meant to be, or will they insist that it’s not possible for someone to naturally be violently transphobic? The alphabet brigade are treating reality as a delusion and delusions as reality.

Many children will do and say whatever they think will please the adults they respect. If their teachers act like transgender children are something great, then many of the children will claim to be transgender.

By the time these indoctrinated kids figure out what they really want and really are, it will be too late. Hormone shots will have already rendered them sterile, and some of them may even have had irreversible surgery.

This is absolutely stupid and irresponsible. These kids are still discovering their biologically inclined gender roles at these ages.

How will they know whether they are cis or transgender if they are too confused to understand what it means to be either?

I find it terribly ironic the lesbians are up in arms about teaching the kids transgenderism.
Lesbian Feminist: It’s Time to Stop Trans Indoctrination in Public Schools

Because, you know, if you hadn’t pushed for us to indoctrinate the kids into homosexuality……..

    drednicolson in reply to GWB. | February 27, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    “[Culture] Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.” – Nicolo Machiavelli

It’s a matter of logic that people who can’t accept reality are mentally ill. Trans people can’t accept the reality of their bodies, that their gender is determined by genetics not their brain. Trans people are mentally ill and the cure for their illness isn’t having doctors make them a better disguise and forcing society to embrace their delusions. The solution is to develop a cure for their brains so then can accept themselves.

What the hell is non-binary? Transgender I understand, it’s a form of mental illness.

Still trying to figure out how the same people pushing the non-binary/gender fluidity crap can then turn around and insist that “transgenders” need to conform to the Nth degree to every gender stereotype imaginable.

IOW: If gender stereotypes are so negative and harmful, why are you pushing confused kids into these “archaic” roles? If gender is “non-binary,” why do you insist that these kids “transition” to the extreme?

They don’t give a flying fig about confused kids, subjecting them to body mutilation, regrets, depression, and a life of drugs and artificial hormones. All that matters is pushing their agenda of perversion.