The Democratic Party became a laughingstock late Monday night, even amongst its staunchest supporters, due to the messy Iowa caucuses.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did not hold back his feelings.

He said:

The guy in the White House is chuckling all night here, showing the Democrats can’t even get a three car funeral organized or whatever you want to call it. I would say to the people of Iowa, ‘Will the last person leaving Des Moines, please turn out the lights?’ This has not been a success.”

All night long we’ve used the word viability and I think we have to ask ourselves about the viability of the Iowa caucuses as an institution to start off this decision this country has to make to find someone to challenge Trump. But also the viability of the Democratic Party. I really think it’s got a problem. Going forward — I saw the Bernie surge there. That’s about a third of the party, but it’s not the party. And if the party gets into a civil war situation sometime this spring going into the summer, we’ve got a real disaster because if Trump isn’t challenged, that’s an historic loss for the country, if he’s not facing a serious challenger, and I wonder about that happening.


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