Blame toxic masculinity, blame Trump, blame climate change, but the days of RompHim are numbered.

From NBC:

The founders announced the shutdown in a message addressed to fans of the one-piece clothing.

“It has been an amazing run, but the time has come to close the doors on RompHim,” the founders said in a statement.

“There are few things in the world quite like building something from scratch. In our case, we got to take an idea – an idea that most people told us was ridiculous – and turn it into a business. When we started out, we said we just wanted to use fashion to try to bring some more joy and self-expression into the world. In the end we managed to do just that … and had some fun and learned some stuff along the way.”

The company first announced its Kickstarter in 2017, enjoying a viral reaction online. That popularity faded quickly after.

RompHim grabbed headlines for their unique take on men’s fashion: namely, marketing rompers, typically seen as clothing items for women and very young children, to grown men. While reactions were divided, this catapulted discussion of the concept into mainstream fashion spaces like GQVogue and Esquire.

With advertising highlighting a cheeky, “I’m here to have fun, not fit in” attitude, men’s rompers became a short-lived, off-kilter token of late-2010s men’s summer fashion. The actual number of men wearing them, however, was relatively low, and they were mostly popular in the LGBTQ community.

From the original kickstarter video:


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