Sunday President Trump and the First Lady kicked off the Daytona 500. Swooping in with Air Force One and taking The Beast on a pace lap around the track, Trump served as the event’s Grand Marshal, the first sitting president to do so.

And of course journalists are super mad that Trump took “The Beast” for a pace lap around the track. They’ve made all kinds of bogus claims including accusing Trump of breaking the law.

Great, now do Obama. I’m so old, I remember Obama having his own personal little concerts at the White House, the State Department spending five-digit dough on his book and so on. There’s also this little gem from Forbes (and this was before Obama’s second term):

But please, do feign concern over the federal budget when an American president takes part in one of the most American sporting events in existence.

::waves at media who steadily and diligently work themselves into irrelevancy, one hyperbolic internet fit at a time::

[Featured Image via White House tweet]


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