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Hundreds Join Indiana Attorney General to Bury Thousands of Dead Babies Found at Abortion Doctor’s House

Hundreds Join Indiana Attorney General to Bury Thousands of Dead Babies Found at Abortion Doctor’s House

“These babies deserved better than a cold, dark garage or the trunk of a car.”

Hundreds of people joined Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill to properly bury and mourn thousands of dead babies found in the garage of abortion doctor Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.

Klopfer’s relatives found 2,246 remains in his garage after he passed away. Officials found 165 more in a car at a business in Chicago.

Klopfer not only kept the remains, but preserved the bodies with formalin in cardboard boxes.

From WXII:

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill held the burial at a cemetery in South Bend, “keeping them together in rest, each of them connected by their common fate,” he said.

“Today, we finally memorialize the 2,411 unborn babies whose remains were senselessly hoarded by Dr. Ulrich Klopfer after he performed the abortions from 2000 to 2003,” Hill said at the burial. “These babies deserved better than a cold, dark garage or the trunk of a car.”

A woman who had an abortion attended the service:

Serena Dyksen, 44, of Elkhart, said she came because she had an abortion performed by Klopfer as a teenager, after she was raped. She said her parents took her to have the abortion done.

“Coming here today was just another layer of the healing process,” said Dyksen, who said she has two children, ages 26 and 24. “As post-abortive men and women, sometimes we think we shouldn’t be able to mourn the loss of our children, but it was a loss of life. It doesn’t matter the situation, the age, I still had a mother’s heart.”

“We don’t want to forget what happened,” she added. “There are so many hurting women in our community because of this. This is a place for mothers to come to mourn the loss of their children.”


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Would love to hear a comment from Mayor Pete.

I would also hope to hear from Mayor Pete.
But I fear he may have moved on with his life
even though these sweet babies never had a
chance at a life. He’s a dumocrat so that tells us
everything as to where he stands!

It’s been a planned conflict, without borders, with only progress forthcoming. The fallen male and female victims of social progress deserve to be remembered in a “Tomb of the Unknown Baby”.

2,411 in 4 years. That equates to more than 2.5 per day for 4 years straight years assuming he worked 5 days a week, took 4 weeks off per year plus holidays.

Good God the man is mass murderer of epic proportion.

I can’t imagine being among the people who had to process all of these dead small human beings. Absolutely tragic.

China had them by the many millions. The government coerced them. Ours would do it, too, if we gave them the power. Anyone who thinks our government would be better can go back and review what the Democrats had to say when Sarah Palin kept Trig.

Wasn’t the great hue and cry in the 1960s and 1970s to legalize abortion supposed to put the illegal abortion doctors out of business so they wouldn’t do this sort of thing? One would think that making something wrong legal doesn’t change whether it is wrong.

    Milhouse in reply to Confutus. | February 13, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    No, there was never any hue or cry to prevent abortionists from hoarding bodies. On the contrary, when it was illegal they were less likely to do so, because of the risk of serious trouble if their stash was ever found. Since it’s now legal, had this guy ever been caught he wouldn’t have got much.

    Actually if you think about it this guy was better than most of his colleagues; his “crime” gave the babies more respect than the law demands. Being kept in a garage is surely better than being thrown in the garbage, isn’t it?

      Confutus in reply to Milhouse. | February 13, 2020 at 9:32 pm

      The dead don’t much care whether it is legal or illegal to perform a massacre. They aren’t interested in the fine points of whether it is preferable to shoot them in job lots or gas them en masse. Whether the bodies are left in a graveyard, a garage, or a crematorium doesn’t greatly matter. The atrocity remains.

        Milhouse in reply to Confutus. | February 13, 2020 at 10:31 pm

        The atrocity remains, but this isn’t about the atrocity. Your question wasn’t about that. The murders this person committed were perfectly legal, and nobody seems upset about them, which is itself an atrocity.

        This whole story is not about the fact that he killed all these babies, but that instead of throwing them in the garbage, where people seem to think think they belonged, he hoarded them in his garage. It seems to me that that is a far more dignified way to treat them.

        But most importantly, since it directly addresses your question, nobody in the debate over legalization was discussing how the victims would be disposed of. Nobody.

        And you’re wrong about the dead not caring how they’re treated. It matters, both to the living who owe a debt to the dead, and to the dead themselves. The way so many people treat the dead as if they no longer mattered, as if they were just discarded shells of people who no longer exist, and it’s OK to do whatever you like to them, is just shocking. The dead, and especially the recently dead, are acutely aware of what is happening with their bodies, and suffer if they are treated disrespectfully.

          Milwaukee in reply to Milhouse. | February 14, 2020 at 12:12 am

          I have heard of groups in different places and times attempting legislation that would require remains of aborted baby to receive the respect due to another human. That the remains not be tossed as you suggest and I agree to believe too often happens.

          Our first child was a long baby with a short umbilical cord in a too small hospital, and was stillborn. April will be 37 years and I remember surrounding events like it was yesterday. His name was Peter. Or is Peter. Then John. The two miscarriages that followed we didn’t name. Finally we had Mary. After the divorce I entered the Roman Catholic Church and decided the other two needed names, so I picked James and Elizabeth. Both of those miscarried after their mom felt their quickening. So Peter, John, James, Elizabeth, and Mary sound sort of Catholic.
          Yes, people care about the unborn.

          txvet2 in reply to Milhouse. | February 14, 2020 at 12:53 am

          “”he hoarded them in his garage””

          I don’t see anything dignified or redeeming to be found in his keeping a trophy case.

It’s not unheard of for parents to bury miscarriages. On the other hand they often don’t.

There’s a difference of opinion on the matter, in other words.

What a horror. Stalinistic in scope.

So very very sad. I’m glad there was a burial for those precious babies.

In Philadelphia, Dr. Gosnell did something similar. The babies were kept because he didn’t want to pay the medical disposal fees? They were all over the facility. Perhaps these men are just sick individuals who hate women and children. I think we cannot try to rationalize evil.

I was told the police officer who found it all had a very difficult time afterwards. He was on leave for a while.