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Harvard Prof Cornel West Calls Trump a ‘Neo-Fascist Gangster’

Harvard Prof Cornel West Calls Trump a ‘Neo-Fascist Gangster’

“You got to go! You got to go!”

Sounds like someone might have a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Campus Reform reports:

Harvard prof calls Trump a ‘neo-fascist gangster’

Harvard philosophy professor Cornel West referred to President Donald Trump as a “neo-fascist gangster” at a campaign rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday night in New Hampshire.

The professor who has publicly endorsed Sanders issued a call to action to the reported 7,500 attendees at the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore Center in Durham. He urged Sanders supporters to participate in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday and encouraged them to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“And we are going to remove our fellow citizen, a neo-fascist gangster from the White House now in Manchester, he’s got to go. You got to go! You got to go!” West said.

West continued his speech to refer to the Sanders campaign as a “movement” with a “moral and spiritual power” behind it.

The professor elaborated on his description of Trump as a “neo-fascist gangster” by claiming that he keeps ordinary people fighting amongst each other rather than confronting elites at the top. West also claimed that Trump believes in the “rule of big military and big money” and aims to divide people by their class, color, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.


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I don’t believe in evolution,but if I’m wrong,Cornel West is definitely the missing link!!!

A mirror would be nice for the Sanders campaign

I’m getting confused with all of these labels being thrown about. What is a neofascist gangster?

Cornel West is a perfect example of what Affirmative Action and not merit, produces in college professors.

The projection is strong with this one.

As I have said so many times over so many years, and which I have both experienced and observed so many times during my 66 years, those who scream “racism” and “racist” the loudest and most often (like Cornel West) are always, in fact, the worst racists themselves. As for fascists, it is really rich that someone out campaigning for Bernie Sanders, a hard-core Communist, is calling ANYONE a fascist since Communism and Fascism are first cousins, and those who support anyone like Bernie Sanders are just dictator wannabes themselves.

Cornel West is that Don King look-alike, right? Never met a “Philosophy professor” that didn’t have delusions of barely adequate.

Harvard calls THAT a professor, Well I see why our university’s are CRAP!

Memo for Cornel West: If Trump were really a neo-fascist gangster you’d already be rapidly decomposing in a mass grave out in the weeds.

Ruminate on that in your safe space.