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Georgetown University Hires New ‘Associate Director for Undocumented Students’

Georgetown University Hires New ‘Associate Director for Undocumented Students’

“part of the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access”

Have you ever seen an industry bend over backwards for non-citizens in the way higher education has in recent years?

Campus Reform reports:

Georgetown official: Illegal immigrants are ‘freedom fighters’

Georgetown University named a new Associate Director for Undocumented Students, who referred to illegal immigrants as “freedom fighters.”

While not a new position, the role does highlight ongoing efforts by universities across the country to aid illegal immigrants, provide additional benefits and resources, some of which are not even available to American citizens, and even offer free legal assistance to fight deportation.

The position at Georgetown, though, is part of the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, which the university describes as “support[ing] students of color at Georgetown University in a variety of ways.” The center says it “can provide you with someone to talk to about personal issues or concerns,” “a chance to explore diversity issues,” and “affordable options for textbooks, printing, or summer housing.”

In an email to Georgetown’s newspaper, Jennifer Crewalk, the new Georgetown associate director for undocumented students, said, “I’m looking forward to focusing on community healing, the present needs of our students, but also ask all of us to be visionaries for what is possible for the near future, our undocumented students are the freedom fighters of this moment and time, and they are helping to awaken people to how important it is for our communities to be conscious.”

According to the Georgetown Hoya, Charlene Brown-McKenze, director of the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access said, “Georgetown provides Undocumented Student Resources to ensure the dignity and care of all members of the university community, Jennifer comes to Georgetown with experience and passion that will serve her well as the new Director for Undocumented Students.”


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And people will ask ‘why does a college education cost so much?’

Undocumented students. Doesn’t that mean random people who show up to audit courses but don’t get marks, credits, or degrees, because the university doesn’t know who they are?

Will they need to lay off undocumented custodial and dining workers to pay for this new administrator?

Condoning CRIMINALS? Why not bring in BANK ROBBERS, Child-molesters and ALL the other criminals in the world for this!