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Faculty Members at Eastern Washington U. Propose Cutting Athletics to Fund Academics

Faculty Members at Eastern Washington U. Propose Cutting Athletics to Fund Academics

“no positive impact on our student enrollment, retention or recruitment”

It’s not a good sign when different departments at a school start suggesting cutting each other.

The Spokesman-Review reports:

Eastern Washington University faculty members propose cutting sports to pay for academics

A new report by faculty members at Eastern Washington University criticizes the athletic department as a drain on university resources and suggests NCAA sports aren’t worth the cost.

But EWU trustees and administrators have no plans to eliminate the athletic department or change its standing in the NCAA to free up money for academic programs, as the faculty report suggests. Some university leaders stepped up to defend the department over the weekend.

In an interview, EWU Athletic Director Lynn Hickey acknowledged her department spends more money than it raises and said she respects the concerns of faculty members. But, she said, “I don’t agree with how they’ve assessed our value.”

“Eastern’s not doing anything outrageous. We’re not doing anything extravagant,” Hickey said. “At the same time, we know that we need to be responsible, fiscally. But we’ve been proactive on that. We’re getting better.”

The report, prepared by four professors for EWU’s faculty senate, says spending on athletics has had “no positive impact on our student enrollment, retention or recruitment” and proposes eliminating the athletic department entirely, among other options.

By cutting NCAA sports, EWU “could become a national leader in resisting the ever-increasing costs of intercollegiate athletics, and become widely known for our commitment to academic excellence and controlling student cost burden,” the report says. “We would also have money available for a substantial investment in academics, community engagement, research support and student support.”


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What they should kill is ethnic studies of all forms. Society doesn’t benefit from them and students are wasting their time.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to ConradCA. | February 19, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Colleges are under Uncle Sam’s gun to enroll protected minorities. Offering styrofoam majors is a good way to fill those quotas.

Yeah totally agree this is the way to go. College sports are a total waste and a big financial drain. CLUB SPORT ONLY

I doubt any of the money they might save will go to reducing costs for students. I expect this is really a backhand way of the rest of the faculty to realize substantial raises. “Community engagement” is nothing but progressive propaganda, so we hardly need more of that.

    EdisonCarter in reply to randian. | February 20, 2020 at 10:25 am

    I would be happy for the faculty to get raises – they’re at the core of what the school has to offer. The danger is that savings would be eaten by administrators especially the “development” bureaucracy.

Colleges need athletic programs to absorb the people that are in reality are unqualified to attend!