Nothing shows you care about the environment like destroying a green space, right?

The Daily Caller reports:

Environmental Protestors Dig Up College Lawn To Protest Fossil Fuels

An international organization of environmental protestors dug up the lawn of Trinity College, Cambridge, as part of a week-long series of demonstrations for fossil fuel divestment.

Extinction Rebellion protestors dug channels into the turf of Trinity College’s 16th-century great gate with shovels and pitchforks and planted their flags. “Trinity College must cut ties with fossil fuel companies and stop trying to hawk off nature for profit,” the organization’s Facebook page says. “Oh, and it should take the opportunity to replace the lawn with flowers. Spring is just around the corner after all.”

Trinity had stepped up its campus security, closing the college, library, and chapel to tourists for the week to prevent the protestors from accessing the central court, the Guardian reports. St. Catharine’s, another Cambridge college, also closed off its main gate over concerns that protestors would set up a campsite on the grass.


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