This sounds a bit like a threat, doesn’t it? Will the Harvard administration respond?

The College Fix reports:

Harvard environmental group promises ‘escalation’ if demands not met

An environmental group at Harvard University has promised an “escalation” to its tactics if its demands to the institution are not met, though a group member declined to elaborate on what that escalation would look like.

Last Thursday the Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard coalition staged a protest criticizing the university’s lack of effort towards divesting its funds from fossil fuel concerns. The protest took place inside University Hall, an administrative building. At the demonstration, activists handed out packets with statements from supportive Harvard faculty and poems about divestment.

The group also chanted multiple slogans such as “When our air is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” and “Harvard, step off it, put people over profit.” The Crimson reported that Joseph Winters, one of the protesters, stated that the university has a “deadline” of April 22 to take action. The paper did not elaborate on what would transpire if that deadline was not met.

Group member Jordan Barton elaborated, barely, on that assertion in an email interview with The College Fix.

“If our university does not divest by Earth Day, 2020, FFDH is committed to escalation of our strategy. This is all that can be said now – we have always been and will remain a grassroots movement,” he said.

“[W]e…demanded directly to our Dean of Students that we see a commitment soon. This is how it shall remain – if Harvard does not divest by Earth Day, we will realize its failure. It is failing now, but has not quite failed. We believe that the collective faith in our administration to make positive change after this point will be near impossible – from which, we will continue our action,” he added.


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