Perhaps more schools should introduce a course like this. There is obviously a market for it. This report is from a few weeks ago, but we didn’t see it until now.

KTVU News reports:

UC Berkeley course in ‘adulting’ so popular, it’s turning students away

UC Berkeley is offering a class in “adulting,” basic life skills young people may have missed until college provided a wake up call.

The class is so popular it’s turning students away.

“I want to feel prepared, like I know what i’m doing and I know how to be an adult,” said Allegra Estrada, 21, who is a pre-med junior at Cal.

“You can know as much as you want about physics or biology or English but that doesn’t help you when you need to do taxes or figure out what to eat.”

Monday night, a new eight week session in “adulting” began.

“We’re going to have guest speakers,” said instructor Belle Lau, laying out the topics: managing time and money, and improving relationships

“That can be a relationship with yourself or others, like family, friends,” said Lau.

Other areas include fitness, nutrition and mental health.

“Self-care, self-love and sleep,” Lau continued.

Many students admit they struggle making the transition to self-reliance in college.

“It’s harder to budget when you’re not living at home because you have a lot more expenses,” said Lauren Frailey, 19, an economics major.

“I’m excited to learn how to manage my time better and that will definitely help me manage my stress as well.”


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