Someone said mean, hateful things on the internet? How did this happen?

The College Fix reports:

Counselors at BYU offer a ‘safe space’ to those affected by anonymous ‘racist’ comments

The Counseling and Psychological Services at Brigham Young University yesterday offered a “safe space” to students and community members who were affected by “racist” (and anonymous) online comments.

The comments came in during a February 6 panel regarding the experiences of black immigrants in the United States. The panel’s keynote speaker, Zambia native Sherinah Saasa, noted that despite America’s “blessings, opportunities and freedoms,” people from Africa face “misperceptions of their homeland, racialization and isolation.”

Other speakers echoed Saasa’s sentiments.

According to The Daily Universe, people could submit questions online during the panel “which many, but not all audience members could see.” Some comments that came in were considered “racist” and “clearly meant to antagonize and demean black people,” Africana Studies Program Director Leslie Hadfield said.

“Why do we celebrate Black history? Why not Mexican history? Or white history?” one commenter asked. Another wrote “Why do we act like all black people don’t get treated well? There are also white, Mexican, Chinese, and other races not getting treated well.”


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